Anju Khatiwada: Husband and Wife: Same Love, Same Death

Anju Khatiwada

Last Sunday, 15th January 2023, the world witnessed a disastrous plane crash near the airport of Pokhara, a tourist town in Nepal. This deadliest accident was the end of the lives of 72 persons, 68 passengers, and four crew members. Our hearts are with the families of the victims. No words can really describe this tragedy. However, there is a deeply sad story behind the death of one of the victims, Anju Khatiwada, the plane’s co-pilot, but what is it?

Anju Khatiwada

Anju Khatiwada had nearly 6,400 hours of flying experience.

The full report of Yeti Airlines’ incident:

Yeti Airlines ATR 72 with 72 Onboard Crashes in Pokhara – Aviation for Aviators

Anju Khatiwada’s husband:

Dipak Pokhrel, Anju Khatiwada’s husband, was a co-pilot of Yeti Airlines. However, he died in a plane crash. A small passenger plane went down before landing, causing a crash that was the reason behind the death of Pokrel in June 2006. But how Anju Khatiwada faced the death of her beloved husband.

After his death:

Anju Khatiwada

There is a saying, “Disasters and crises bring out the best in us.” This is exactly what happened toKhatiwada. Despite her sorrow and grief of losing her husband, she decided to follow his steps in aviation. After four years after the painful death of her husband, Anju Khatiwada joined the same airline as her husband, Yeti Airlines, to be a co-pilot. However, who knows that following the same path will lead to the same sad ending? After 20 years, the journey of co-pilot Anju Khatiwada ended in a plane crash. However, let’s not forget the great achievements of Anju Khatiwada.

Achievements commemorate humans:

Our heroin co-pilot did many compliments that will keep her in our memories forever. Except for trying to continue her husband’s dream in aviation, Anju Khatiwada was one of the only six female Yeti Airlines employees as pilots. She also had flown almost 6400 hours. We can only say that Anju’s life ended with dignity while she was performing her duty.


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