Malaysia Airlines Celebrates International Women’s Day

a malaysia airlines airplane taxiing on runway

The 8th of March of each year is a special day for all women. According to UN Women, International Women’s Day is for two things: A time to celebrate and reflect on the progress made on women’s rights and a day to call for an end to gender inequality.
However, this day for us is more than that. This day is evidence of the power of women. It is the day when we remember that we are very special. The aviation sector does not miss a such day without a celebration. For example, Malaysia Airlines express its best wishes to its female employees. But how?

The First-Ever All-Women Flight for Malaysia Airlines:

In a good gesture, Malaysia Airlines wanted to mark International Women’s Day in its way. Aiming to make the 8th of March about women only, Malaysia Airlines conducted a rare all-women-operated flight. This special flight was Malaysia Airlines flight MH 2520, a daily scheduled flight service from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuching International Airport. The celebration was not only for the crew of Malaysia Airlines, but was also for the passengers of the unique MH 2520 as they were given the Malaysia Airlines’ signature Pilot Polly plushie to celebrate this day as well. However, what makes MH 2520 special is not only her crew but also the early application of the carbon offset program that will be launched soon by the Malaysia Aviation Group. However, what is the relationship between aviation and International Women’s Day?

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW):

This week is not only about International Women’s Day, but also about Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW ). WOAW is a global aviation awareness week for girls of all ages to mark the anniversary of the world’s first licensed female pilot, Elise Raymonde Deroche. On 8 March 1910, Deroche got her license as the first female pilot. So, what is now, how can you celebrate Women’s Day?

Celebrating Women’s Day, Ladies:

 This day is not only about celebration and party. This day is a reminder that you are more than you think and your existence in this life is priceless regardless of anything also. So, darling, believe in yourself, you can make the impossible possible. I am rooting for you, ladies.  


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