Introducing the Boeing 737-MAX 10

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On November the 22nd, during a private ceremony dedicated to its employees, Boeing unveiled the newest member of it’s aircraft family: The 737 MAX 10.

The MAX 10 is the largest of the widely criticized 737 MAX family which has been grounded for almost a year now. Consequently the production rate of the smaller variants has been growing significantly reduced ever since. However, Boeing claims the grounding will soon come to an end.

The new variant-according to Boeing-has a range of 6110 km and a maximum capacity of 230 passengers. It is the longest of the 4 variants (7,8,9&10) with a length of 43.8 m and a standard wingspan of 35.9 m across all the range.

It is set to compete with Airbus’s best selling A321 NEO aircraft and has been directed to airlines like South west and Ryan air whom are determined to keep their all Boeing fleet but with a more capable aircraft. The MAX 10 is scheduled to have its first flights in early 2020, but no delivery date has been announced yet due to groundings.

Boeing 737 MAX 10

So far the MAX 10 has 531 planes on order with united airlines being its largest costumer having more than 100 on order. On the other hand, airbus has orders for 3,142 A321 NEOs more 6 times greater the order count for the MAX 10. (The A321 has more range as well!).

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