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UAE halts flights from Pakistan

The General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates has announced that flights from Pakistan will be halted starting Monday due to the worsening covid-19 crisis faced by Pakistan. This suspension will be in place until the country has a laboratory set up to carry out Coronavirus testing.

With the Coronavirus pandemic in retreat in the UAE, the country is now taking measures to prevent a devastating second wave of the deadly disease. The UAE body for aviation has stated that passengers on all flights will not be allowed at UAE airports and is suggesting that all passengers affected by this new suspension should contact their airlines or travel agents to make alternate plans.

Pakistan’s worsening situation

In the past few days Pakistan has surpassed 200,000 cases with roughly 4,100 deaths from the virus. It has also been announced that almost a third of pilots in the country have fake licenses, putting many lives at risk. For both Pakistan and the UAE, this is unwelcome news. With both countries dealing with the financial ramifications of the pandemic, halting air travel between the two countries would have been the last resort. Although with Dubai, a world class travel destination, reopening its borders for international travellers on the 7th of July the country is doing everything it can to prevent a second wave of covid-19; such as thermal screenings and a mandatory covid-19 DXB app for visitors and now the ban on flights from pakistan.

Nevertheless, in a time where we are living with a deadly disease it is expected that travel will be limited between some countries for some time to come and we could see more countries bring bans into place as the world starts to move towards a more normal life. Have you been affected by this suspension? If so let us know in the comments below.

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