The next generation of Aircraft (V-shaped)

KLM ( Royal Dutch Airlines) CEO Pieter Elbers and Dean Of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delta University of Technology (TU Delft) professor Henri Werij had signed a cooperative contract by manufacturing a flight concept known as V-Shaped and has the potential Shaped aircraft, which has totally different design, structure and Long distance flight.

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The Future Flying-V airplane is more satisfactory for passengers according to its tremendous design. @KLM| Twitter

One of the main purposes of the V-Shaped design is to be more Fuel-Efficient and reducing carbon emissions, After some calculations they perceived that It will compensate 20% less fuel than the Airbus 350 ( The most advanced aircraft nowadays). In addition, the aircrafts aerodynamics makes it lighter, have less drag and reduced weight.

The V-Shaped aircraft is launched by the most fuel -efficient turbofan engines, and they have the prospective to be adjusted to make use of change in the propulsion system (Thrust/power) ,by using Electricallyboosted turbofans.

The first model version of the V-Shaped plane could be ready as early as this fall, but 90% of it will come later because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Research said the real-world version would be expected to join the service until at least 2040.


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