Airbus revealed three concepts plane( Zero Emission)

Photo by: AIRBUS
The three aircraft are designed to run on hydrogen.

Toulouse, 21 September 2020 Airbus has reveals three concepts commercial planes and the goal of these three aircraft is to celebrate zero emission which could enter service in 2035. It will change the whole aviation in the future.

Each of these concept aircraft has difference in their wide-body, design, and aerodynamics, but they all rely hydrogen as a primary source and to achieve zero emission flight. an option which Airbus believes holds exceptional promise as a clean aviation fuel.

This will be an dramatic change in the aviation industry and the economic situation. The principles we unveil nowadays provide the world a glimpse of what we want to achieve to drive the future zero emission flight.

Lets talk about the three aircraft

Concept 1: the narrowbody replacement

The first design is a turbofan aircraft with a range of 2,000 nautical miles. Airbus says this aircraft would be powered by a modified gas-turbine engine, operating entirely on hydrogen as an alternative to jet fuel.

Photo by: AIRBUS
The A320 replacement

Concept 2 :the regional turboprop

The second concept of the design is a turboprop aircraft, clearly targeted to regional markets with a capacity of around 100 passengers. Despite being a small plane, it would have a range of around 1,000 nautical miles, making it ideal for the short-haul marketplace.

Photo by: AIRBUS
The turboprop would be a regional workhorse ( short haul )

Concept 3: the breakout concept

Despite the first second concept aircraft and it pretty design, the third is a step out of the box for aerospace. Airbus has presented the blended wing concept aircraft as the third zero emissions idea, something which it floated to the world earlier this year.

The unusual design would make for a high capacity of seating, up to 200 passengers. Airbus says that the wide fuselage would present more options for hydrogen storage and distribution, as well as making some interesting possibilities for cabin design.

Photo by : Airbus
A blended-wing body design concept

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