Airbus is planning to expand the A320 production next year

Airbus has issued over the planned production ramp-up of its single-aisle aircraft to 47 or more units a month, Airbus has told its supply-chain partners to be ready by July 2021 as it anticipates a strong recovery for the industry.

Regardless of the major slump in demand from the Airlines companies due to the economic crisis (COVID-19), Airbus will increase there production among the A320 Family by 18%.

Photo by: Airbus
Airbus to increase the A320 next year

The increase will result in 275 new jobs at its Alabama facility, in addition to the 600 positions added last year.

Photo by: DearEdward
Suppliers may struggle to meet demand due to economic times.

While no firm action has been made on specific scheduling, the company has said in a July 2021 date. A representative for Airbus stated the following,

“For the A320 family, we plan to maintain ‘rate 40’ until summer next year and we have asked the supply chain to protect ‘rate 47’ to be prepared for when the market recovers.”

Before the COVID-19 and its effect on the economic, Airbus was already preparing to rump-up the A320, the latest news is that the company is moving forward and trying its best to re-establish the rate of production to the peak, such 60 unit per month.

However, in September, the plane-maker delivered 57 planes, the most this year, and they recently celebrated delivering its 10,000 A320 AIRCRAFT.

Photo by: Airbus
Airbus delivered 10,000 Aircraft of A320 Family

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