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Everything you need to know about “India’s air force one”

India has taken delivery of two Boeing 777-30ers. The two modified jets commonly known as India air force one are mainly meant to carry the president,prime minister and other important dignitories as they are India’s first dedicated VIP wide body fleet. These ex-Air India planes have also received a significant cabin upgrade and new security systems over the last year.


India has been previously using four amongst its 747s in VIP travel and other important functions. These aircraft had begun to show their age and didn’t have many dedicated features. The Indian government decided to upgrade some of its older 747s to two 777-30ers . The planes respectively held the registration VT-AW and VT-ALV but were later chosen to serve in the India’s air force one fleet. They are subjected to get new registration numbers once they start their new service . The new planes were delivered to air India in 2018 but were never used for commercial purposes according to reports by plane spotters. Instead they were flown into a Boeing facility in Texas,USA

Additional security features

The Indian air force one has a Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS). In case of a mid-air attack,these systems protect the airplane just like the air force one .It is also equipped with an Advanced electronic warfare in case of a counter attack while in flight. The systems are a part of a million purchase by the Indian government, which required State Department approval due to the technology’s sensitive nature. With these systems, Air India One is set to be one of the safest aircraft in the sky.


The new livery also features the flag of India on its tail and the insignia of the Indian Air Force on the rear fuselage. One of the most significant feature of the livery is the “INDIA” and “BHARAT,” separated by India’s state emblem, painted across the side of the aircraft giving it a military taste.

:IAF fighter jet


The cabin includes business class recliners, conference tables, and more regular seats. We can also expect a medical area and a private residence for the VIP onboard, offices , a lounge and many more. Images will be displayed once the Indian government releases images of the interior

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