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Busiest Airports in the World

This article is not covid related, maybe it’s better we take a little break. Many of you have already flown, or have been to an airport not just for the intention of flying, probably for spotting or just to pick up your relatives. Have you ever thought about the system at the airport? How everything works coherently under one rule: the larger the airport, the more complicated the system inside the airport is.

Which airport is the largest? Do you know? Let me tell you something about worlds’ airports, by number of passengers.

The largest one is in the U.S.A, it is Atlanta Airport and has 5 runways. It was founded in 1925, by that time the airport was able to operate only 16 flights per day. Nowadays, there is around 106 million people traveling from/to this airport. This one is well equipped, but you still have to pay for internet connection. You can also find a Delta Airlines base, the airline has its Hub in there. It has more than 55 thousand employees.

Next one is in Peking, China and it has more than 40 square kilometers. The amount of travelers per year is more than 90 milion. Passengers’ view may remind you of sea star. This airport is quite renovated, it was reopened in 2019. It has many facilities to enjoy your stay in it, its located around 40 km away from the city of Peking.

We cannot forget Emirates Airlines’ hub and it is obviously an airport in Dubai. People say that this one connects east and west part of our world. It’s Dubai International Airport, and it was opened in 1960. Dubai Airport has 3 terminals; Terminal 3 just for Emirates Airlines, Terminal 2 for Flydubai, Pegasus Airlines and low cost airlines, and Terminal 1 for airlines with high number of passengers; like Lufthansa, British Airways, etc… If you fly there, you mostly fly with Emirates just for your comfort and the best facilities.

If I say Narita, you probably won’t know it. This airport is in Tokyo, Japan. You can find it about 60 km away from the city, the flights mostly connect the U.S.A and China with Japan. It has just 2 Terminals and 2 runways, but about 10 years ago, there were more than 35 milion passengers. Here you will find the hub of China Airways.

The last one I would like to list, is LAX, it’s in Los Angeles. This one is located in California, has 9 terminals, the biggest is Tom Bradley International Terminal (also known as Terminal B). To be honest, from LAX you can travel everywhere around the world, many travelers use this one as a connection for their further traveling, it belongs to the City of Los Angeles and is operated by Los Angeles World Airports. If you are a spotter, you should definitely visit Imperial Hill, which is famous, especially for takeoffs.

As mentioned, these airports above are the most visited throughout history. These are the most visited ones, not the largest by size.

Photo taken on famous Imperial Hill, source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/IHZd4a0UsNs/maxresdefault.jpg

featured image: https://d15-a.sdn.cz/d_15/c_img_E_I/eUAwBX.jpeg

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