What Are Your Traveling Options During COVID-19?

Some of you may want to go on a vacation, because you are used to traveling. Traveling could be your passion, your favorite hobby, something you cannot give up in. We’ve decided to write a list of destinations, where it is possible to travel – with some restriction. Firstly, I would like to mention, that you should look for the necessary information yourself. People from different countries don’t have the same rules, so it’s recommended you study your country’s travel conditions before you decide to travel. These conditions could unwind some info on the covid the situation in your country.

Here are just general information, for further instructions you should visit the website of your Ministry of health.

For starters, explaining the colors you see on the map, these colors state the conditions for entering certain countries: Green, orange, red and dark red. When the country is labelled in green, it means that you may enter the country easily. If it’s labelled in orange, you will need to fill an arrival form and have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours. You are also obliged to wear a respirator class FFP2 or KN95, or at least a disposable surgical mask for a period of 10 days after your arrival.

Illustrative picture of respirator FFP2, source: https://www.pracovniochrana.cz/images/thumbs/0010889_spurtex-v100-nano-respirator-ffp2_510.jpeg

Red has the same rules as like orange, but with some added regulations. Like, you must present a second negative PCR test, performed in the country of your arrival. Though, you do not need to test yourself immediately after arrival. You’ve got 5 days after entering a the country. Dark red means you should self-isolate, do a second test after your arrival, if it comes back negative, then you’re free to go roam.

Remember to keep these rules in mind when thinking of travelling. Be cautious and follow them thoroughly. No need to ruin a much needed nice trip over trivialities. For example, you are obliged to wear respirators or masks for your own and others safety.

During the pandemic, most people have visited more exotic countries. For example, Maldives, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Mexico or Canaries. If you travel for work purposes, you can enter these countries with special documents you get from your work place. But then again, you could also be travelling to exotic places for countless reasons other than work. 😃

Traveling is not forbidden, it is just restricted. If you do not want to have any problems, follow the rules. Your trip can change a bit depending on what you usually like to do but you can adapt and have a great vacation. Most tourists are “locked” in their hotel resorts, nonetheless, they still try to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable.

Even the usual offers and activities outside your hotel aren’t as widespread or available nowadays. So, if you really need a break, it’s a good a idea to to pay extra and stay in a really nice place where you can take the most of the trip and enjoy the facilities inside your resort. Like, book hotels with beautiful views and spectacular beaches, because these things are few of the best options for a fun, calm, and safe vacation.

View of Maldives, source: https://image.dovolena.cz//slideshow/maledivy_pocasi_570x300.jpg

Featured picture: https://i.content4travel.com/cms/img/u/kraj/1/malediwy_0.jpg?version=190625-04

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