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Bangkok Airways: A Silent Success Story

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Bangkok Airways is a Thai short-haul carrier, has had a very rewarding fifty years of the past. Winning several awards and ranking highly among Skytrax ratings. The COVID-19 pandemic has left the aviation industry crippled but some airlines have been more affected than others. The Thai Aviation Industry was hit hard, with many airlines appealing to the government for rehabilitation plans and money.

About Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways was established in 1968 by Thai billionaire businessman Prasert Prasarttong-Roth. The airline was originally founded as Sakahol Air. Bangkok Airways classified themselves as an ‘Asia’s boutique airline’, therefore providing refined and more luxurious services than their competitors. Bangkok Airways is not a low-cost carrier so their services will come at a price. In its fifty-year history, Bangkok Airways has had a relatively safe past, with the most recent crash in August 2009, killing only the pilot, the cause of the crash was never determined. Their workforce is around 3000 employees as of 2019. Unlike many of its competitors, the airline accepts foreign pilots to work for them whereas many airlines only accept Thai nationals, allowing the company to grow internationally. Bangkok Airways flies to 31 destinations, including international destinations like the Maldives and Singapore. The Thai airline operates four types of short-haul aircraft:

  1. Airbus A320
  2. Airbus A319
  3. ATR 72
  4. ATR 42
Credits – Bangkokair.com


Bangkok Airways has won several awards, despite being a relatively small airline with 38 aircraft in its fleet, it has been very successful compared to its competitors like Thai Smile Air and Thai Airways International. It has scored four stars from Skytrax, in the most recent Skytrax world airline awards ceremony, in which Bangkok Airways won two prestigious awards, ‘World’s Best Regional Airline’ and ‘Best Regional Airline in Asia’. They have been named ‘World’s Best Regional Airline’ for five consecutive years, ‘Best Regional Airline in Asia’ for nine consecutive years, and finally ‘Southeast Asia’s Best Regional Airline’ in 2006 and 2007. Bangkok Airways use these prestigious awards to attract customers creatively through music video adverts and comedy ads.

-Bangkok Airways’ Product-

Bangkok Airways are classified as a ’boutique airline’ which means that they offer superior products. For many airlines, to access a lounge, you must pay, hold a form of pass or travel a class higher than the economy. But for Bangkok Airways, all of their customers, even in economy class, have complimentary access to a lounge and free food during the flight. Twenty types of special meals are served on board, including Kosher, Vegetarian, Hindu, Vegan, and Halal, so food options won’t be a problem. Unlike most short-haul carriers, this airline has two classes, business class (blue ribbon class) and economy class. The seats appear to be comfortable and both are draped in the airlines’ blue color.


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