Problems You May Experience During Your Flight

With the wide use of air travel, airports can become very crowded ares, the check-in queues especially, and delayed flights also contribute to this. In this article, we will discuss some of the problems that a traveler may face in the airport or on their flight.


To reduce the waiting time at the security checkpoint, remove your laptop from your bag bag, take off your shoes and belt if necessary to make the checks faster. Another problem you may face is losing your passport or ID, so keeping the number of the embassy and consulate with you just in case you lost any document is helpful, keep a copy of your documents as well. Look carefully at your tickets information and your gate, some airlines have several terminals, make sure you know which one is yours to avoid losing extra time. Make sure that all liquids are in appropriately sized containers before heading to the airport. Another tip is when to go to the airport early to avoid wasting time at check-in security and TSA. During TSA security there may be long lines, so to get to your flight faster be a collaborator and answer any questions the officers may ask, as well as not being suspicious and waste your time. In the case of overweight luggage and you should pay an extra fee, you may ask some time to take your overweight suitcase to the side and take some items off or put them in another suitcase.


When you feel annoyed by a baby crying, make sure his or her parents want to stop them also, but it’s sometimes out of their control, in this case, you can put on your headphones to make it quieter before talking to the parents. Sometimes you may get hyperactive as seat-kicking neighbors in your flight, you can tell a member of the cabin crew they will take care of this.


Flight delay:

One of the most common problems you may experience during your travel is flight delayed, and to pass this easily there are several things to do. If you want to know more details you can ask the gate’s clerk, no one know better than them. If the delay is caused by bad weather, the airline company isn’t responsible for this but in some airlines, the passengers are rebooked and only given a distressed rate for a hotel. To pass your waiting time in comfort you should keep hydrated, that many passengers feel parched as a result of their flight being delayed. When flights are delayed some airports present complimentary Wi-Fi and you are allowed to connect for free while on a layover, so you can watch a movie, catch news, and keep your children busy with entertainment items. Also in the case of delaying flights for more than four hours, the flight will end up being canceled and you will be re-accommodated to the next flight available.

 Countries in the European Union have different rules about delaying flights from 2004, if your flight has been delayed for more than three hours after it was supposed to, you may be offered to get some of your money back. In the case of nightmare experience when all the passengers on the plane which would ready to take off but it is delayed, at the same time seat belts are fastened and AC isn’t on, and no drinks or food were served. You can be ready for these cases by getting water and snacks in your bag, and download movies on your phone or IPad.


In-flight problems:

Conditions that might cause problems include:

  • Pregnancy beyond 36 weeks.
  • New born babies during the first few days after birth.
  • Recent or current middle ear infections or sinusitis.
  • Unstable psychiatric illness or epilepsy.
  • Recent myocardial infarction or moderate/severe heart failure.
  • Recent chest, intra-cranial or abdominal surgery.
  • Recent pneumothorax or moderate to severe hypoxic pulmonary disease.
  • The presence of a communicable disease.
  • Causing disruption during previous flights

Jet Lag:

Nowadays travel has become faster, you can go from a side of the world to another in few hours. In the past, people had time to adjust to their new environment, but nowadays with aircraft, our bodies can’t get enough time to adjust to new surroundings. The symptoms of jet lag: poor concentration, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and general malaise. The symptoms are made worse by alcohol and hangover. When traveling on vacation these symptoms may not appear clearly, but after returning home with the routine they will be. If you sleep during the flight this may help in reducing the symptoms. To avoid jet lag:

1-Get enough time of sleep before travel.

2-You have to get a relaxed flight.

3-Take your time in getting rest after arriving, try to reduce your commitments.

4-Try to sleep regularly during your trip.

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