What is aviophobia and how to deal with it?

Although it became very well known now that flying is the safest way to travel, yet some people prefer trains over airplanes for safety concerns they have. But if they consider these concerns from a more static and rational view they will find that their car journey to the airport is actually way more dangerous than their flight journey. However, other people don’t just have concerns, as we find a lot of people suffer from more complex issues with flying and airplanes which may get them to be diagnosed by aviophobia!

In this article, we will learn more about aviophobia, its causes and how to deal with it.

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First, let’s define what aviophobia is? Aviophobia is the fear of flying or being non-grounded, we also may find it referred to as flying phobia and aerophobia.

People with aviophobia don’t just get worried or stressed, they actually suffer from more extreme symptoms such as high heart rate, sweating, the need to vomit and other serious symptoms too, so it’s not strange at all to find a traveler totally losing control over himself. That’s why it’s very important to take aviophobia seriously and to know how to deal with it as we may get to help someone with aviophobia.

And to know how to deal with any sort of phobia, we have to look for its causes first. So what causes aviophobia?

There are actually plenty of reasons why m someone would suffer from aviophobia but most of them are due to the traveler feeling of being stuck and unable to get away from any situation that may occur and according to that we can announce that often, a fear of flying is not directly due to the flying itself but it may actually stem from related factors, such as the fear of being in an enclosed space (claustrophobia).

And when it comes to travelling, safety is always a number one concern. That makes people with a fear of flying think that their problem is related to safety issues but it’s actually not, as statistics have shown that flying has been constantly improving over decades to become the safest way to travel now.

But we know that it’s not that quite easy to just tell yourself to calm down, we know it requires much more effort to overcome aviophobia, and we hope these tips help you to go through it.

1. Brace yourself with the latest updated statistics and figures related to flying and airplanes

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No doubt it will assure you of how safe the whole process of flying is actually. You might get astonished by knowing these numbers:

  • The odds that your airplane will crash are one in 1.2 million and the odds of dying from a crash are one in 11 million
  • The odds of being in a fatal accident is one in seven million

And comparison to other transportations we will find:

  • The odds of dying in a plane is 1 in 205,552 and it gets up to one in 4‘050 with motorcycles
  • The odds of dying with maritime transportstion is one in 1‘086
  • The odds reach it‘s peak with one in every 102 for a car crash

So, remind yourself that you are not alone in this and you probably are in the safest place with the most sufficient and qualified crew. Playing it rationally can always help in keeping your nerves and fearful thoughts under control.

2. Familiarize yourself before getting onto the plane about how everything works during the flight

Read other people’s experiences, and by that, you will not freak out with every simple procedure needed to be done, for instance: when the flight attendant asks you to get back to your seat.

As it turns out that this request really triggers people with aviophobia and get them into thinking that something wrong is happening but it’s actually not, which brings us to the third point.

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3. Try not to rush to conclusions by yourself

If you feel worried about a specific sound you hear or a sign you don’t understand, you can ask the flight attendants’ to help you with that. It’s definitely the attendants crew role to keep everyone safe and also make sure that everyone feels that way too. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and don’t go through this by yourself.

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4. The best way to overcome your fear of flying is to experience flying a lot

Every time you get on a plane you are somehow systemising your mind that there is nothing here to be afraid of and you are getting yourself used to the process. Travelers with aviophobia think that it actually gets better every time with their flight journey.

5. If nothing helps…

If none of the previous tips worked with you then you probably would have to see an expert therapist to help you overcome your aviophobia as it became non-strange for therapists at all to deal with such cases. Don’t hesitate to check on that also.

And lastly, travelling by flying has proven itself over decades to be the safest way to travel of all time, so please don’t let your fears stop you from having such an unforgettable experience.


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