Microsoft and Amadeus in strategic partnership for new future of travel

Amadeus Company

Amadeus is a Global Distribution System owned by Amadeus IT group which has many headquarters around the world. Amadeus has central sites in Madrid, Spain (corporate headquarters and marketing), France (product development), London, UK (product development), Breda, Netherlands (development), Erding, Germany (data center), and Bangalore, India (product development) as well as regional offices in Boston, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Miami, Istanbul, Singapore, and Sydney. Now there are more than 75 local and regional offices to cover sale and support services in more than 215 markets around the world. Amadeus is a pioneer in electronic travel distribution, and a leader in the community IT platforms. It enables all clients in the travel ecosystem to interact continuously. Amadeus presents a rich travel experience to hundreds of millions of travelers every year. In 2011, Amadeus established a new line to present more solutions to airport operators and ground handlers. The Amadeus group employs 14.300 employees around the world, it is listed in Forbes as “The world’s largest public companies”.


About network solutions, Amadeus enables ground handlers and airport operators to connect with Amadeus data by using Amadeus’ global network. Also, Amadeus enables airport operators to increase their opportunities in the non-aeronautical revenues through presenting additional services for travelers, such as access for some places, and car parking. This through the Amadeus distribution system, which is used all over the world by retailers. AODB (Airport Operational Data Base) is a smart data repository to provide airports management and distribution of complex data of passengers and flights to improve critical decision-making across the airport environment. Also, resource management solution helps ground handlers to manage human resources better. With Amadeus’ passenger processing solutions, airports can get to passengers’ most used application on demand, to get more flexibility, and scalability to adapt to operational demand. Amadeus’s baggage processing solutions help in tracking and tracing baggage by providing real-time data to keep up with passenger movement. Other solutions as payment & administration tools for accurate and secure billing of all the airport services, ground handling solutions that provide real-time data and follow passengers’ movement, check-in, and baggage processing for many airlines on one surface.


Microsoft Company

Microsoft is a multinational company that produces softwares, personal computers, consumer electronics, and related services. Its most famous products are Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge browser. Its main products are Xbox video games and the Microsoft Surface lineup of touch screen computers. Microsoft Company was founded on 4th April 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.


Strategic Partnership

Amadeus and Microsoft announced on February 25, 2021, about a strategic partnership to exploit cloud technology in exploring new products and solutions in fluent travel experiences in the future. The partnership will mix trusted secure cloud platforms of Microsoft and the reliable proven expertise innovation in travel technology of Amadeus.

The partnership between Amadeus and Microsoft includes 3 fields

The enhancement of the entire travel industry to create new services and convenient offerings to the unique needs of the travel ecosystem. Focusing on joint product development and innovation, bringing expertise and agile development capabilities, which helps in delivering and designing cutter-edge travel solutions.

Accelerating the move of the technical platform of Amadeus to the public cloud would leverage the Microsoft Azure technology foundations for improved agility and resiliency. This in turn will enable deployment across many regions for optimized wordwide operations. Microsoft will become Amadeus’ favorite cloud provider.

What is Azure?

It is a fast, flexible and affordable public cloud computing platform. Its main benefits are:

  • Distribution and supplement active directory
  • Development of web and mobile apps
  • Empowering and implementing backup and disaster recovery

Teams from both Microsoft and Amadeus work together to deliver new cloud-based solutions faster and create more seamless travel experiences, for instance in the hospitality business and the airlines. Expected efforts will be done to concentrate on establishing more integrated business travel journeys and strengthen the collaboration between travel and health authorities. “Together with Amadeus, we will apply the power of Azure and its AI capabilities to create new frictionless experiences for travelers worldwide and reimagine the travel industry going forward,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.


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