The world of football and aviation

The football world is a very wide one, it has connections with everything and every place, one of these connections is with aviation directly and indirectly. T-shirts sponsorship is one of the biggest businesses in the world of football these days. World’s largest multinationals are working hard to get rights of putting their names on the world’s most successful and famous teams’ t-shirts, that the sponsorships during the 2020 tournament reached more than $3.9 Billion in the biggest five European teams.


Fly Emirates took the early shot

The first one to share in the football world is Dubai-based carrier Emirates airline, which is one of the brilliant brands in the football world related to the best teams in the world. It appeared during the seasons of European football that teams were wearing t-shirts with the “Fly Emirates” logo in the running to win the biggest competitions on the continent, which perhaps is the greatest testament of the success of their sponsorship.


Football world cup and aviation

The most global events which can gather the people in the world together in one place to support their favorite teams are the international sports tournaments. Football’s world cup is one of these special events. For example, in the edition of 2014 which was held in Brazil among the spectators, there were over a million international visitors, which is enough to fill out about 2500 seats.

According to the investment in air transport, the number of visitors in the event allowed Brazil to strongly invest in its aviation infrastructure. The existence of this huge number of air visitors in this event is considered a strong push to the local economy, especially with the available job opportunities to cope with this event. According to FIFA, 14 million jobs were created during the four years of the tournament organizing. The Brazilian airlines GOL has a great spotlight to show their environmental action. During the tournament, GOL contributed to the „Green Cup“ initiative by running 200 flights between host cities on sustainable alternative fuel.


FIFA launched an invitation to tender

FIFA has launched an invitation to tender (ITT) for the worldwide in-flight and in-ship media rights to its 2022-2023 competitions, including the FIFA World Cup 2022™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™. The football world cup tournament will be held in 2022 for the 22nd edition. It will be a unique event that is the first FIFA world cup to be held in the Middle East in Qatar and the first time in November and December. In modern venues and perfect conditions, the tournament’s host country is very distinguished in the celebration of the event and the connection and inspiration of the people all over the world.

Qatar Airways started creating different FIFA Arab Cup 2021 travel packages for fans starting 30 November 2021. Travelers will have the flexibility to create their suitable package including return flight, hotel stay, and match tickets with the option to choose additional services to explore the stunning host country. Fans around the world can join Qatar Airways Privilege Club, to have access to unique travel packages with flexibility in booking and get their seats reserved at their preferred matches. The travel package is available in these countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Greece, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, and Thailand.


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