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Hello and welcome to today’s Dubai Airshow recap. Today we saw many things such as Emirates SkyCargo signing a memorandum of agreement with Emirates Post Group. As like the other days, we continue to see many airlines and the airshow itself posting on social media to be viewed across the world with what they have been doing at the airshow. Join me as I take a look into the wonderful news of the worlds largest airshow.


Emirates SkyCargo signs memorandum of agreement with Emirates Post Group

Emirates SkyCargo announces flights to 67 destinations across six  continents - Arabianbusiness
Emirates SkyCargo is Emirates’ cargo airline (Credit:

Today Emirates SkyCargo (The cargo division of Emirates Airlines) and the Emirates Post Group (EPG) signed a memorandum of agreement to show that they will work together to develop a global logistics platform, based mainly in the middle east and parts of western Asia and eastern Africa. This will be a unique partnership between a cargo airline and a national postal service. This is a controversial decision as they are not partnered with the country’s flag carrier, Etihad. I think that it is extremely beneficial for government postal services to have partnerships with cargo airlines as there are less passenger flights due to the pandemic; and so it is getting harder to put your cargo on a commercial aircraft.


An estimate of $72,420,362,000 in orders have been completed over the last three days

On the official Dubai airshow twitter page, this was tweeted:

Photo by: Emirates

A record-breaking Dh266 billion worth of business deals closed in just the last 3 days of Dubai Airshow 2021. The Boeing Company came out strong with a mega Dh33 billion deal with India’s low-cost carrier Akasa Air, for the sale of 72 7373 MAX planes.

@KhaleejTimes on Twitter

This confirms just how many airlines and air forces have bought planes over the past few days. And yes, you saw it right, it was record breaking!


Boeing 777X visits Qatar Airways

How Many Test Boeing 777X Aircraft Have Been Built? - Simple Flying
The Boeing 777X traveled to Doha today

The Boeing 777X that has been on display amidst the many planes at the airshow flew to Doha today to see Qatar Airways. Qatar placed an order for a whopping 60 examples of the 777X back early in 2014, so this was a kind of testing session for them. The flight to and from Doha showed a good example on how Boeing’s most anticipated aircraft works well at both of the middle eastern airports. As many customers wonder about the aircraft’s date of service entry, Boeing has been flying the plane to major customers to satisfy concerns and give the airlines an example of how the plane will work with them.

Fun fact: Boeing’s 777X test example’s flight number is BOE001.


Five Hotels purchases ACJ220s

Luxury Dubai Hotel FIVE Named As Launch ACJ220 Customer - Simple Flying
An image of what the cabin interior would look like on the ACJ220

Swiss aviation group Comlux announced the first sale of their ACJ220 to Five Hotels, a Dubai based holiday and hotel company aiming to spread into private aviation. Comlux says it wants to have the aircraft delivered and in service by 2023. This does not actually represent a proper deal and so Airbus won’t make any money from the deal. The Airbus corporate jet is one of the very few examples of the type.


After a large overview of the airshow, we can conclude that today was the quietest of the days so far. Mainly orders tend to take place at the begging of the event and so today saw almost none at all. As the world enjoys the airshow whilst it lasts, one can only wonder what tomorrow has in store for aviation.


  • Special thanks to @AirbusPRESS on Twitter
  • Cover photo by: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP

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