Honk! Honk! Can planes hoot at each other up in the air?

Do planes have horns? If they have one, why haven‘t we ever heard it? Can planes hoot at each other? In this article, we will answer every question about the plane’s horns and the cases it might get used in.

So first of all, do planes have horns?

Well, pilots would never use horns in the air, because why would an aircraft blow horns for? No one will hear it anyway.
So does that mean airplanes have no horns?
Not really. Every single plane has a horn it can blow, and planes do use them, however they are rather called the ground hall button as it’s only used by the ground crew.

The reasons behind blowing horns

  • Well, in case of maintenance being processed, engineers on the ground need to contact the pilot in the cockpit, so pilots blow horns to alert the engineers and to send a specific message to the colleagues on the ground. Basically, horns are considered as a sort of communication and is the only sound an aircraft might make.
Credits: blog.klm.com
  • Besides the horn sound, planes have other more disconcerting sounds, airplanes emit such a sound to warn engineers about a fire or in case the system collapses. In this case, the signal’s sound depends on the running issue, and sounds vary for engineers to be able to determine what threat exactly they are facing.

Where is it spotted in the airplane?

Unlike other vehicles, they are not spotted on top of the control lever. Instead, there is a tiny button on the pilot’s instrument panel overhead them. Just next to the switch pilots use to contact cabin attendants.

That was everything about a plane’s horns, and airplanes can’t hoot at each other in the air but don’t you think it would be fun if you ever were on a plane and you heard this horn for once?


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