Official statement from Aviation for Aviators; Regarding our Instagram Page

On Wednesday, the 15th of December, 2021; we received a shocking email from Instagram informing us of the deactivation of our Instagram account for “violating someone else’s rights”. Which we totally denounce and deny. As we at Aviation for Aviators are always keen and aware of the content we do upload on all our platforms beginning from Instagram going through our all other social media networking platforms and website! As we do have strict bylaws against violating COPYRIGHT & PLAGIARISM issues through all our content. And we have several times rejected content uploaded/submitted by the editors working with us at Aviation for Aviators for not maintaining our bylaws.

We are completely shocked by the action taken by Instagram, especially that they mentioned in their email sent to us that they have warned us “several times” and we do also denounce this as the General Director and founder of AFA himself is checking up emails regularly and nothing were received nor recorded to be sent within the last 6 months!

Aviation for Aviators has begun its activity on social media by the early months of 2019 and kept at the same pace for almost 3 years and with several improvements in content to maintain our main goal of benefiting our global audience. AFA’s Instagram account had the biggest part of our community with more than 83,000 (83k) followers on it. When re-posting we make sure that the owner of the content has no problems with re-posting, therefore we proceed with re-posting by fully giving the owner his/her credentials by mentioning the account and tagging the account on the post. And this is the criteria we kept following for almost more than 2 years and a half!

Although these criteria, we faced several problems, however, we were so flexible in solving them and with a formal and professional apology in case we got mistaken! Recently, we were focusing more on sharing our main content instead of re-posting, which was sharing our articles, however, we kept supporting the amazing content creators by re-posting their content; such as reels, some spectacular shots were taken by amazing planes spotters, and more, with the consideration of respecting their desire whether they want there content to be re-posted by us or not. We haven’t ever ignored the request by the content creator for the removal of the content we re-posted for him/her. We always were re-posting and our main goal was to support the plane spotters/content creators in reaching their amazing work for the world more widely, moreover, this had a positive impact on plane spotters/content creators to proceed in what they are doing and especially with those who were beginners.

We are completely upset with the action Instagram has made against us, especially that they haven’t proved their case or what content exactly has violated their policy.

After almost 3 years since establishment full of hard work, thinking, and planning to provide what is the best to our global audience, we officially regret to announce that we have unjustly lost our Instagram account that had more than 75% of our community.

We will try our best to restore our account and to contact Instagram to provide them with all that can support us in restoring our account, meanwhile and until further notice, there are no plans to create a new account on Instagram.

Finally, we would like to thank all who were part of our great journey on Instagram as well as the other platforms for their continuous support and motivation and we promise not to stop providing “Aviation” as it is our main goal than any other goals related to milestones and numbers. We all here at AFA are sharing what we adore and what most, if not all of you, adore too! As well as special thanks to our social media head; Mohammed Khan for his services over the last 1 year and a half in managing AFA’s social media team, and to all who contributed to managing our Instagram page, we will never forget your efforts!

We apologize for what happened and until we release our final decision regarding Instagram you can follow us on our other social media networking platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as you can subscribe to our website to receive notifications every time we publish an article!

–Aviation for Aviators

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