Important points to to consider during your flight

Be ready while waiting in the security line

When you wait in the security line, you can accelerate the procedures by taking off your shoes, your watch and taking out your laptop.


Help your fellows

After putting your bag in the above bin, help others. Not just for kindness, but also for organizing and accelerating the boarding process.


Swapping seats with family passengers

Some airlines block out some seats or add extra fees for adjacent. When you travel solo, it would be kind of you to offer to swap your seat with other passengers to allow family passengers sit beside each other. But wait until the plane takes the cruising position to avoid the crowd in the aisles.


Putting purposes in the above cabin

As airlines squeeze in more and more people per flight, passengers may fight for the space in the above bin of an airplane. To get better space and help other passengers, put your bag in the vertical position instead of horizontal one on the shelf, and if you have two bags put one in the above bin and put the other one in the space under the seat in front of you.

Respect your space

Because of the limited space of an airplane, every passenger has a limited quarter. Let the middle-seat passenger use the armrests (it’s the least you can do), and keep your legs within the width of the chair frame.


Keep your purposes close to you

You have to keep your belongings in your own space to avoid obstacles from other passengers. So you have to keep your bag close to you and make sure that you keep the essential purposes you may need during your flight.

Don’t talk too much

While many passengers spend the time of the flight in conversations with other passengers, the other passengers may prefer to stay with themselves. So be careful with people’s reactions, like avoiding eye contact so you do have not to talk too much. Beware of your voice tone and don’t make it loud because this may disturb the other passengers.


Be careful when you snooze

If you snooze during the flight, be aware of the other people’s space. You can lean back in your seat, this may be comfortable for you, but this may affect the space for the person who is seated behind you. Also, travel pillows are good because they help in sleep without annoying other passengers. The last thing to care about while snoozing is snoring, to avoid disturbing the passengers or the cabin crew.


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