African Safari Flights

Tourism in Africa gives about $39 Billion industry, safari travels present over $12 Million annual revenue for many countries such as Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Ruanda, Kenia, and South Africa.


The safari industry relies hugely on air travel as a result of drawing foreign tourists. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, 93% of tour operators reported a 75% decline in bookings and 90% of businesses expressed their refusal to stay afloat. In South Africa, a decline in the safari business means losing about 600,000 jobs.

Safari Aviation Company in Africa (Scenic Air)

A specialist in aviation solutions provider for East and Southeast Africa, also one of the pioneers in safari aviation luxury tours in the region. Established in 2009, offers tailor-made, cross-border flying safari experiences, along with executive air charter services and private jet travel throughout East and Southern Africa.  


The company was established by pilots and aviation professionals who have a great passion to discover Africa. Scenic Air’s fleet consists of four executively configured Cessna Grand Caravan 208Bs, two Cessna 206s, one Cessna 210, and a Waco biplane. All of their Caravan pilots have more than 5,000 hours of experience and have the prerequisite instrument ratings (some have instructor ratings).

Panademic effect

The same with all businesses, especially those related to travel and tourism affected so much by Covid-19. Travel and tourism was the most affected industry because the company’s sources level were travelers from U.S, UK, and Europe, which put several travel restrictions and lockdowns. Many flying safaris include multi-country border crossings and every country has its own protocol to handle the pandemic, this makes applying itineraries difficult. Also, due to the uncertainty of travel COVID-19 protocols and requirements that keep changing, many people remained worried about traveling even when the lockdowns were removed.


In June 2022, the company is offering a „shared charter“ service between Laikipia and the Masai Mara with Air Wilderness, the aviation company of Lewa Wilderness, one of Kenya’s safari lodges.

Post-pandemic, the company will continue to improve upon its Jetconnect VIP wing-to-wing transfers for incoming private jet visitors. Lastly, they will give more time to developing their overall user experience, both via digital means and onboard the aircraft.


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