Sleeping in a capsule – the new way of airport hotel?

The idea is not new. Japan introduced capsule hotels already in the late 1970‘s. These capsule hotels in Japan were introduced for the working force, which sometimes lived way out of town and then found a cheaper and simpler way to increase their free time as travel time to and from work could be reduced. Other purpose was business people as it was a much cheaper accommodation than a standard hotel. Outside of Japan, these hotels were not built in large numbers and the success remained in Japan mainly.

What do they have to do with an airport?

Airports offer various options for overnight stays. From prestigious hotels to just sleeping on a bench in the terminal. The choice is often done driven by money thoughts. Since a while, some airports offer capsule hotels in the airport area. These hotels share a common area and like in Japan every guest gets his/her own capsule to stay. Just now, a new capsule hotel was opened at an airport. And it is not just a hotel – it is the largest capsule hotel in Europe and is located at Zurich Airport. 144 capsules offer an affordable stay close to the checkin area, so you do not miss your early flight next morning. To relax, this hotel even offers a jacuzzi to use, which makes travelling even more comfortable.

Interior of the new hotel at Zurich Airport

Is this a trend?

So far, only few airports know this rather new kind of accommodation. However, with increasing sensitivity on cost of travel, such ideas might be a very interesting and new way of sleeping.

Disclaimer: The author is not connected in any kind of business with the new capsule hotel.


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