“Aviation Manager”? What’s that? You might not have heard about the job of an “Aviation Manager”. So what is that job and what does he/she does? Basically an Aviation Manager is an airport employee who supervises the compliance of the rules and regulations provided by the local, state, and federal organizations. The airport manager sets the seal on the airport and it’s departments to run safely whilst observing the process of the hiring, the management of the airport, and the department staff.


About this job

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Its expected from sensitive jobs like these long hours of working; evening, weekends, holidays aren’t excluded!

In 2020, the average annual salary for managers in aviation was $111,014!

Skills required for such a job:

  • Good communication skills
  • Finance and budgeting skills
  • Supervisory skills
  • Computer skills

How to become an Aviation Manager?

Obtain a degree

Many airports around the world require a bachelor degree in one of the following fields to become an airport manager:

  • Airport Management
  • Aviation Administration
  • Aviation Management
  • Public Administration
  • Finance or related field.

Airport managers also require an experience of 4 years and hold the Accredited Airport Executive or Certified Member credential.

To obtain the experience, it’s recommended to complete an internship. Internships are a good way to gain practical experience and extra one’s study in aviation management. Some universities and colleges offer aviation management bachelor’s degree programs partner with local airports to find internship programs. An internship is typically completed towards the end of a degree program, giving students an opportunity to break into the industry.


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Cover Photo by: University of West London

By Youssef Yahya

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