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Thailand Plans To Host Airshow In 2025

On Tuesday 8th of February, it was announced by the TCEB (Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau) that it had intentions to stage Thailand’s first international airshow at U-Tapao Airport (UTP) in Pattaya in 2025. The airshow will allow the growth of not only the hosting airport but also the Eastern Economic Corridor Office (EECO) whose ambition is to grow an aviation hub within the region. The airshow will attempt to rival the annual Singapore Airshow based at Changi International Airport. The president of the TCEB stated that the event would further support Thailand as “one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of aircraft parts.” According to the information from the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), in 2018, Thailand exported aircraft parts and equipment for as much as $3.18 billion.


Nichapa Yoswee, the Senior vice president at the TCEB stated”The Eastern Economic Corridor has the policy to develop U-Tapao International Airport and the Eastern Aviation City in the ECC area to elevate Thailand into the hub of ASEAN aviation industry”. The EEC is a Thai government agency which works to support the founding of the airshow alongside the development of aviation trade and logistics in the region. The project will also act as a catalyst for the expansion of U-Tapao Airport. Another goal for the airshow is to present the host city- Pattaya as “a Smart City” said Pattaya’s Mayor.

The Airshow’s board members at a press conference (credit: Armada International.com)

What To Expect

As the airshow will be based in Thailand, you would expect the presence of Thai-based carriers such as Thai Airways International, Nok Air, Bangkok Airways and Thai Air Asia. Since the airshow location is owned by the Royal Thai Armed Forces, you could expect some aircraft from the Royal Thai Air Force and the Royal Thai Navy. Regional carriers are also expected at the airshow. The airshow is predicted to boost Thailand’s aviation industry by $35.9 Billion USD. Further details of the show are expected to be published in 2023.

U-Tapao Airport as of 2022 (Credit: Pattaya Mail)


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Thailand Plans To Host Airshow In 2025

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