The Ultimate Aviation Quiz

Want a quiz that can challenge all your fellow aviation enthusiasts? If you’re stuck, some of these answers appear in AFA’s other articles so look there for help! Take a look at these 20 questions and show your friends just how much you know about aviation…

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  1. What is deployed from the engine when a plane slows down upon landing?
  2. Bumpy pockets of air cause this, but what is it?
  3. Which country’s king flies for their flag carrier airline?
  4. What is Europe’s highest profit-making airline?
  5. What is the largest commercial aviation manufacturer in the world?
  6. Which famous plane, formerly the world’s largest, was destroyed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022?
  7. Scoot is a low-cost airline flying mainly to Asia, but which small country was it founded In?
  8. What is the most sold military plane in history?
  9. Which country (By a long way) has the largest air force by the number of aircraft?
  10. Which large international airport has a farm situated in the middle of it?
  11. Which country’s flag carrier airline is officially banned by the United Nations from buying any new aircraft?
  12. Which international airport is the world’s busiest?
  13. What is the longest commercial flight route that is open to paying passengers?
  14. Which airline operated a test flight using the Boeing 787 named “Project sunrise”?
  15. What is the world’s best-selling business jet?
  16. Which aviation YouTuber is a full time 747 pilot as well as having over 800K subscribers on YouTube? (Hint: We’ve interviewed him before at AFA)
  17. Which plane is set to be the new Air Force One?
  18. What is deployed from the wing in order to slow the plane down when it has touched the ground?
  19. Which European low-cost airline is the most followed airline on TikTok with over 1.6 Million followers? (As of May 2022)
  20. Which Thai low-cost airline’s striking livery has a beak on its nose?


  1. Reverse thrust
  2. Turbulence
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Lufthansa
  5. Airbus
  6. Antanov AN-225
  7. Singapore
  8. MiG 21
  9. USA
  10. Tokyo Narita International Airport
  11. North Korea
  12. Atlanta international airport
  13. New York – Singapore
  14. Qantas
  15. Cesna Citation XLS
  16. Kelsey Hughes (Better Known as 74 Gear)
  17. Boeing 747-8
  18. Spoilers
  19. Ryanair
  20. Nok Air


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