Did you know…? “Facts about aviation“

There are several basic flying facts that some of us may overlook.
If you’re even somewhat interested in aviation, these facts must tickle your interest!

First Commercial flight:

Did you know that the first commercial flight was in 1914

The first scheduled passenger airline flew for the first time on New Year’s Day, 1914. The first passenger aboard a flying boat was the mayor of St Petersburg, Abram C. Pheil. The route was a 34-kilometer jump over Tampa Bay in Florida, and the first passenger was the mayor of St Petersburg, Abram C. Pheil.

The pilot’s meal:

Did you know that pilots and co-pilots eat different meals than passengers?

When it comes to meals, each airline has its own set of restrictions. There is, however, one guideline that the great majority of commercial airlines follow. The requirement is that pilots must be served the same multi-course meal as first and business-class passengers. To reduce the danger of all pilots suffering food sickness, co-pilots are urged to try various dishes.

Boeing 747 parts:

Did you know that there are six million parts in the Boeing 747?

The Boeing 747 is the world’s most famous wide-body commercial airliner and freight transport plane. The jumbo jet is regarded as the world’s first large-body aircraft. Six million pieces make up the colossal jet. The design and engineering of this iconic aircraft are difficult to imitate, which explains the plane’s durability.

Boeing 747 engines:

Did you know that a Boeing 747’s engine weighs over 9,500 pounds each?

From Boeing 747 six million pieces are the engine, which weighs almost 9,500 pounds (4,300 kg) and costs around $8 million.

Credit to: oat. aero

Boeing 747 Fuel usage:

Did you know that a gallon of gasoline is burned per second by the Boeing 747?

Which means it might burn up to 36,000 gallons during the duration of a ten-hour journey.

Boeing 747 Wingspan :

Did you know that the wingspan of a Boeing 747 is longer than that of the Wright Brothers’ maiden flight (120ft)?

Plane’s wires:

Did you know that Inside the fuselage of a Boeing 747, there are nearly 150 miles (240 kilometers) of cables?

Which is roughly the distance between Amsterdam and the south of Belgium. However, the Airbus A380, a double-decker airliner, has the longest wiring in an airplane, with 320 miles of wires stretching from Leicester to Glasgow.

Credit to : www.lectromec.com

Black Box :

Did you know that the black box isn’t really black?

The Flight Data Recorder, often known as the black box, is colored bright orange. The exteriors of the boxes are painted in a highlighter-orange heat-resistant paint, making them easier to notice in the case of an accident.

Credit to : NTSB via Getty Images)

ICAO codes :

Did you know that there are between 5000 – 5499 airlines currently operating in the world?

Airplane Air :

Did you know that the air in an airplane is much drier than the air you’d find on the ground?

While humidity levels in the Mojave Desert in the western United States might reach 50%, you’ll only experience a fraction of that wetness on an aircraft. According to the World Health Organization, the typical airplane has a humidity level of less than 20%.

Heaviest plane weight:

Did you know that The world’s heaviest plane is approximately 600 tonnes in weight?

The Antonov An-225 has a maximum take-off weight of 591.7 tonnes, which is rather outstanding. The maximum take-off weight of the Boeing 747-8F is 489,218 pounds less, at 347.091 tonnes.

Safest seat on the plane:

Did you know that the seats toward the back of the plane are the safest on the plane?

According to Time’s analysis of crash data, the death rate for passengers in the back third of a plane during a crash was 32%. With a 39 percent mortality rate, the center of the plane was the least safe, while the front was somewhat safer with a 38 percent fatality rate.

Aircraft Light:

Did you know that, Beyond sleep, dimming the aircraft’s lights serves a purpose?

While it’s tempting to believe that airlines are merely hoping you’ll get some decent sleep, this isn’t the case. Dimming the lights on a plane helps passengers’ eyes acclimatize to the dark, which is critical for survival in the event of a quick nighttime evacuation.

Credit to : businessinsider.com

Aircraft bathroom:

Did you know that Bathroom doors on airplanes can be opened from the outside when locked from the inside?

Ops, yes! While switching the latch inside the bathroom that flips the door sign to “occupied” may provide you some privacy, flight attendants may easily get access if necessary (only in emergencies). There’s a switch beneath the lavatory sign that permits flight crew to open the door if they’re worried about your or other passengers’ safety.

Credit to : travel.stackexchange.com

Most expensive seat:

Did you know that the most costly First Class ticket is above $30,000?

A round-trip ticket from New York to Dubai on Etihad Airways First class —a private apartment with a bed, armchair, vanity and cosmetics mirror, and onboard shower—can easily cost more than $30,000.

Credit to : theluxurytravelexpert

Too Cold:

Did you know that there are times when it is too chilly to fly?

When traveling at 35,000 feet, the exterior of an airplane reaches -60 degrees Fahrenheit, yet identical ground temperatures can cause a plane to come to a halt. When temperatures dropped to around -47 degrees Fahrenheit at Igarka Airport in Russia in 2014, a Tupelov-134 jet’s landing gear breaking mechanism stopped, prompting passengers to do all they could to help, including getting off of the plane to try to push the 61,640-pound plane.

Credit to :www.cnbc.com

The population that have flown:

Did you know that only 5% of the world’s population has ever flown in an aircraft?

This one appears to be a surprise. Even though the aviation industry is continuously expanding and practically everyone you know has flown, statistics show that just 5% of the world’s population has ever flown in an airplane.
This takes us to …

Did you know that fear of flying affects 80% of the population?

Oldest Airline:

Did you know that KLM is the oldest airline in the world?

KLM was originally founded in 1919. On the 17th of May 1920, it flew for the first time between Amsterdam and London.

Credit to : easbcn.com

Chicago Airport:

Do you know how many planes land and take off at Chicago airport per hour?

Every 37 seconds, a jet takes off or arrives at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. That’s about a hundred planes each hour.

A380 :

Do you know the length of the A380’s wingspan?

The A380’s wingspan is longer than the plane itself. Length: 72.7m, wingspan: 80m

Flag on a plane :

Do you know why the flag of the home country is usually painted on or around the tails of foreign planes?

This is because the flag would appear as if it were placed on a pole above the plane while it was flying.

Credit to : eurocontrol.int

Flight attendants :

Do you who is the first flight attendant ever?

In 1912, Mr. Heinrich Kubis of Germany became the world’s first flight attendant.

Credit to : facesofthehindenburg

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