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Tips to learn how to fly on budget



Lots of people would love to learn to fly, but the fact that it is expensive prevents lots from doing it. This article will provide you with some suggestions for less expensive ways to learn to fly.


1. Don’t attended a fancy flight school

Many of us are drawn to the large, professional flight schools that produce dozens of potential airline pilots every year. Professional flight schools provide numerous benefits. They offer streamlined programs, a professional atmosphere, a fleet of well-maintained aircraft, and all of the resources you require. If you want to learn to fly as a job, they also have prestige and contacts with airlines.
Despite the benefits of fancy flight schools, if you want to train for less money, you’ll need to choose an excellent flight instructor or a smaller flight school.
What matters is the quality of your instruction, not the size or reputation of your training provider.

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2. Learn the ground lessons by your own

Learning to fly requires much more than simply jumping in a plane with an instructor. There’s also a lot of reading and studying to be done. You’ll be paying an instructor for a lot of things, so take advantage of it.

Learn as much as you can on your own so that when you pay for lessons, you waste as little time as possible. It’s astonishing how much you can learn for free on YouTube. The FAA’s Aeronautical Information Manual is also available for free on the FAA website.


This can include some other points.

A.     Prepare each lesson before you go and study it well

Discuss with your instructor about the movements you can expect in your next lesson. That way, you’ll be prepared when you arrive at the airport.

B. Go over your checklists with a fine-toothed comb

Rather than going through your checklist, learn a procedure to properly configure your aircraft. However, don’t fly solely from memory. Instead, always go with the flow while keeping a checklist handy. Spending half an hour on the ramp with the engine running is a waste of time and money.


C.     Don’t Spend As Much Time on the Ground

The quicker you can get off the ramp and into the air, the more familiar you are with your checklist and cockpit.

D.     Look up examples on the internet

As we said before, On YouTube, there are thousands of videos covering every aspect of flying instruction . Simply write in your next maneuver and watch as someone from the air explains it to you.

3. Scholarships

Scholarships for learning to fly are available from a variety of organizations. Fill out as many applications as possible. You could be pleasantly surprised. You can find a comprehensive list of scholarships on the AOPA website.

4. Computer simulators

Over the last few years, the extraordinary growth in personal computer power has brought capabilities formerly only possible on mainframe computers to the desktop. More realistic flight simulator software has been developed as a result of this increased power. It isn’t totally realistic yet, but no simulator has ever been, as every pilot who has trained in one can attest. While no simulator time may be used toward a private pilot certificate, even simple PC simulators can help with learning specific parts of flying, such as navigation, checklists, etc…

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
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5. Recreational or sport certificate may be better

A recreational pilot certificate costs less and is simpler to obtain than a private pilot license. While a private pilot certificate requires at least 40 hours of flight experience, a recreational pilot certificate can be obtained with only 30 hours in the air. Keep in mind that this is a minimum requirement, and earning the recreational certificate will very certainly necessitate more than the required number of hours of flying instruction, as with any other pilot certificate or rating.

In 2004, the Sport Pilot certificate was designed to provide a low-cost entry into aviation. Applicants have the same rights as PPL certificate holders, but are limited to two-seat aircraft. The flight hour requirement has also been reduced to merely 20 hours, and a Sport Pilot can still fly across the country during the day, but only during daylight hours.

6. Make a deal for flight hours by bartering.

If you can’t find an aviation school that is hiring, see if they are willing to trade flight hours. In exchange, everyone has a skill they can provide. Perhaps you’re a master at accounting and can assist the school with its books. Maybe you’re a web designer or a social media manager. There are several skills that can be exchanged for training.

Last but not least


7. Make Your Own Budget and Save Money

Make a personal budget if you don’t already have one. Maximize your revenue while lowering your costs. Try to cut off any unnecessary expenses and put the money into a savings account that will not be touched.
May be you can get a second job to enhance your income and savings.

Learning to fly is costly and necessitates a significant amount of funds, but there are always ways to reduce costs.

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Tara Air Flight Crashes With 22 People On Board



A Tara Air DHC Twin-Otter (Credit: Free Press Journal)

On Sunday 29th May, Tara Air and Nepalese authorities confirmed that a De Havilland Canada Twin Otter flight operated by Tara Air had gone missing. The Nepalese flight was reported missing at around 09:55 AM local time on Sunday, this information was confirmed by an airline spokesperson. The flight was supposed to take only 20 minutes the Tara Air turboprop operating the flight was registered as 9N-AET. On Monday 30th May, search & rescue workers recovered 16 bodies along with the location of the crash site.

The DHC Twin Otter was carrying 19 passengers and 3 crew members (2 pilots and 1 flight attendant) en route to Jomsom (a popular tourist destination in Nepal) from the city of Pokhara. According to the airline, the flight was carrying 16 Nepal nationals, 2 Germans, and 4 Indians, seven of which were women.


The plane lost contact with the tower five minutes before landing at the popular tourist and pilgrimage spot Jomsom, airline officials said. Tara Air mainly operates twin otter turboprop aircraft made in Canada. Flightradar24, a flight-tracking website, said the missing aircraft first flew in April 1979. A spokesman added that Nepalese army troops were hired to assist in the search effort for the missing plane. Officials told Reuters that cloudy weather was preventing search helicopters from flying to areas of the last known location of the flight.

The plane’s flight path (Credit: BBC)

The National Meteorological Bureau said there was thick cloud cover in the Pokhara Jomsom area from the morning. Due to bad weather, the search helicopter had to return to Jomsom. “Helicopters are ready to take off for search from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Jomsom once weather conditions improve. Army and police search teams have left towards the site,” he said. Police officer Prem Kumar Dani said a land search and rescue team was dispatched near Dhaulagiri, the world’s seventh-highest 26,795-foot (8,167-meter) mountain. A record number of aviation accidents have occurred in Nepal, which has eight of the world’s 14 tallest mountains, including Everest. The weather can change suddenly, and runways are usually located in difficult-to-access mountainous areas.

The crash site (Credit: AP)

Update- Monday 30 May

The Tara Air turboprop Twin Otter was on a 20-minute flight when it lost contact with Jomsom airport tower while flying in an area of the steep mountain just before its scheduled landing. Nepalese officials along with search & rescue staff managed to recover the airplane’s black box and 21 bodies out of the 22 passengers and crew. The crash site was strewn with clothes, baggage, and debris.


  • CNN
  • Hindustan Times
  • ABC News
  • The Guardian
  • BBC UK
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Bangkok Airways: A Silent Success Story



Credits Wikipedia. com

Bangkok Airways is a Thai short-haul carrier, has had a very rewarding fifty years of the past. Winning several awards and ranking highly among Skytrax ratings. The COVID-19 pandemic has left the aviation industry crippled but some airlines have been more affected than others. The Thai Aviation Industry was hit hard, with many airlines appealing to the government for rehabilitation plans and money.

About Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways was established in 1968 by Thai billionaire businessman Prasert Prasarttong-Roth. The airline was originally founded as Sakahol Air. Bangkok Airways classified themselves as an ‘Asia’s boutique airline’, therefore providing refined and more luxurious services than their competitors. Bangkok Airways is not a low-cost carrier so their services will come at a price. In its fifty-year history, Bangkok Airways has had a relatively safe past, with the most recent crash in August 2009, killing only the pilot, the cause of the crash was never determined. Their workforce is around 3000 employees as of 2019. Unlike many of its competitors, the airline accepts foreign pilots to work for them whereas many airlines only accept Thai nationals, allowing the company to grow internationally. Bangkok Airways flies to 31 destinations, including international destinations like the Maldives and Singapore. The Thai airline operates four types of short-haul aircraft:

  1. Airbus A320
  2. Airbus A319
  3. ATR 72
  4. ATR 42
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Bangkok Airways has won several awards, despite being a relatively small airline with 38 aircraft in its fleet, it has been very successful compared to its competitors like Thai Smile Air and Thai Airways International. It has scored four stars from Skytrax, in the most recent Skytrax world airline awards ceremony, in which Bangkok Airways won two prestigious awards, ‘World’s Best Regional Airline’ and ‘Best Regional Airline in Asia’. They have been named ‘World’s Best Regional Airline’ for five consecutive years, ‘Best Regional Airline in Asia’ for nine consecutive years, and finally ‘Southeast Asia’s Best Regional Airline’ in 2006 and 2007. Bangkok Airways use these prestigious awards to attract customers creatively through music video adverts and comedy ads.


-Bangkok Airways’ Product-

Bangkok Airways are classified as a ’boutique airline’ which means that they offer superior products. For many airlines, to access a lounge, you must pay, hold a form of pass or travel a class higher than the economy. But for Bangkok Airways, all of their customers, even in economy class, have complimentary access to a lounge and free food during the flight. Twenty types of special meals are served on board, including Kosher, Vegetarian, Hindu, Vegan, and Halal, so food options won’t be a problem. Unlike most short-haul carriers, this airline has two classes, business class (blue ribbon class) and economy class. The seats appear to be comfortable and both are draped in the airlines’ blue color.

Sources:,, Wikipedia,

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Missile hit at Baghdad




In November 2003, Baghdad airport was the home to American troops in Iraq. The US Air force flew in daily to supply the troops and help at its best to help rebuild the country. Around and outside the airport are terrorists therefore Apache helicopters are deployed full time to check and eliminate any kind of threats.

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