A look inside the UK’s royal plane

All eyes are on the Queen at the moment due to her 70th anniversary of being the UK’s monarch, but how have she and the royal family traveled over the years?

What is the royal plane?

The UK has many aircraft, but the one which is most commonly known is the reconditioned Airbus A330, used for long-haul flights for the royal family and higher government officials. It has been fitted with 58 business class seats and can be regularly used to transport large groups of people to different destinations across the globe. Whilst it isn’t being used to transport the royals, the aircraft normally serves with the Royal Air Force as an air tanker.

Credit: bbc.co.uk

Who uses the royal plane?

The aircraft is used by everyone from high government officials such as the Prime Minister to the Queen. Interestingly, heirs to the throne aren’t allowed in the same aircraft in case of a crash, leaving the UK without an heir to the throne. However, in previous years, some members of the royal family such as William and Kate have been spotted flying on commercial flights. The couple and their children were spotted on a Flybe plane to Aberdeen in 2019.

Credit: airportspotting.com

What are the other aircraft used by the royal family?

The royal family uses a variety of aircraft, used for short, medium, and long-haul flights. Most of their aircraft are supplied by the Royal air force and can be used as military aircraft or to carry military personnel to the frontlines when they are deployed. Another commonly known aircraft is the BAE 146 statesman, which is used for short-haul flying. It can carry as many as 26 passengers when configured for the royal family.

Credit: Ainonline.com


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