Airlines of the World; “France is in the Air” Air France

As we continue our series on airlines, we’ll talk about Air France.

Part 7; Air France :

The national airline of France, Air France, has its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France. It belongs to the Air France-KLM Group as a subsidiary. As of 2013, Air France offers scheduled passenger and cargo services to 175 destinations in 78 different countries in addition to 36 locations within France.


Charles de Gaulle Airport serves as the airline’s major domestic hub while serving as its worldwide hub. The grounds of Charles de Gaulle Airport, north of Paris, house the corporate headquarters of Air France, which were originally located in Montparnasse, Paris.

Facts about the airline:

  1. In 2019, Air France transported 46,803,000 passengers.
  2. In terms of operating revenues, Air France-KLM surpassed all other airlines in the globe, rising to third place (biggest in Europe) in terms of passenger kilometres.
  3. It is a member of the Sky Team international airline alliance
  4. In 1946, Air France employed its first flight attendants.
  5. The chefs at Air France have prepared premium cabin meals on board using quality delicacies including foie gras, scallops, lobster, duck confit, and salmon tartar. For those who purchase La Première from Air France, caviar is also available. This exquisite appetizer or beginning is now available all year long.
  6. Worldwide, more than 1 million bottles of champagne are served each yearby the company.
  7. With enhancements to every class, Air France has spent more than $750 million US on a complete makeover of its long-haul cabins. These modifications are all intended to make flying more comfortable and convenient.
  8. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. are among the 11 American cities that ir France services.
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The Air France logotype is written in bold sans-serif typeface with solid and strong shapes and clear lines in all capital letters, using a regal and stylish shade of blue.
The color scheme of the Air France logo represents the national tricolor of France, which is composed of blue, red, and white.

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Fleet info.

Its current fleet size:  213 aircraft
Fleet consists of 140 airbus planes and 73 Boeing

Aircraft types and their number:

Airbus A220-300: 12
Airbus A318-100:11
Airbus A319-100:25
Airbus A320-200:40
Airbus A321-100:5
Airbus A321-200:14
Airbus A330-200:15
Airbus A350-900:18                                                      

Boeing 777-200 :18        
Boeing 777-300er: 43
Boeing 777F:2
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner: 10

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History of the airline:

  • On October 7, 1933, Air Orient, Air Union, Compagnie Générale Aéroposttale, Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne (CIDNA), and Société Générale des Transports Aériens merged to create Air France (SGTA).
  • French-built twin-engine Potez 62 aircraft were introduced to Air France’s inventory in 1936.
  • All of France’s air transport companies were nationalized on June 26, 1945.
  • By 1948, Air France had one of the largest fleets in the world with 130 aircraft.
  • Using the Anglo-French BAC-Aérospatiale Concorde F-BVFA, Air France launched its first supersonic transport (SST) service on the Paris (Charles de Gaulle) to Rio (via Dakar) route on January 21, 1976.
  • The operations of the government-owned Air France, the partially public Air Inter, and the entirely commercial Union de Transports Aériens (UTA) were combined into an expanded Air France on January 12, 1990.
  • The merger of the two airlines, to become the new airline Air France-KLM, was announced on September 30, 2003, by Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, based in the Netherlands. The merger actually happened on May 5, 2004.
  • Air France and KLM continued to fly under their respective brand names while being controlled by the same business.
  • Air France-KLM unveiled its three-year transformation strategy, Transform 2015, on January 12, 2012, with the goal of regaining profitability. The idea was to quickly pay off debt while decreasing costs, restructuring the short- and medium-haul operations, and regaining competitiveness.
  • Late in 2015, Air France experienced a financial problem that was made worse by a strike by its pilots. In response to the strike, the airline declared it will eliminate 2,900 positions.
  • Air France acquired their first Boeing 787-9 in January 2017.
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