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Several years ago, there was a major battle between the “big three” US carriers and the “big three” Gulf carriers over the two countries’ Open Skies policy. Fortunately, the situation has since been resolved. And nowadays, and according to Reuters, United Airlines and Emirates Airlines will announce a codeshare agreement in the coming weeks.


While nothing has been confirmed, The Air Current reports that Emirates and United Airlines are planning to form a partnership soon. The two airlines appear to have confirmed this on Twitter, with an announcement scheduled for September 14, 2022.

The two airlines appear to have confirmed this on Twitter, with an announcement scheduled for September 14, 2022.

The anticipated announcement was first reported by The Air Current. The airlines will make “a joint statement” on September 14 in Washington, according to an Emirates representative, who declined to provide further details.

What is expected from this agreement?

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photo credits: Wolfgang Kaiser

This codeshare agreement would provide customers of both airlines access to additional routes that neither airline presently serves after getting governmental approvals. The agreement will probably help United compete more effectively for passengers flying to the Gulf region. This collaboration is expected to include widespread cooperation, as the agreement will include reciprocal mileage earning and redemption, elite perks, and possibly some new routes.


Emirates’ partners in the US

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Emirates already has an agreement with JetBlue. Emirates also had a partnership with Alaska, which ended in 2021 when Alaska Airlines joined oneworld and began working more closely with Qatar Airways.

While the details are yet unknown, United Airlines and Emirates are expected to announce a partnership that will include codesharing and other benefits. We can probably expect an official announcement on September 14, 2022. We know that Emirates has been wanting this for quite some time.


The Air Current


One Mile at a Time


Cover Photo credits: Wuthiwong Wimolsakcharoen (for Emirates Aircraft) & BIGGY (for United Aircraft)


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