Airlines of the World; “A Great Way To Fly” Singapore Airlines

As we continue our series on airlines, we’ll talk about Singapore Airlines.

Part 8; Singapore Air Lines:

The national carrier of Singapore is Singapore Airlines, and Singapore Changi Airport serves as its primary hub.
The Singapore Airlines Group comprises more than 20 subsidiaries, many of which are connected to the airline industry. With a portfolio of 27 joint ventures, including ones with Boeing and Rolls-Royce, SIA Engineering Company manages maintenance, repair, and overall (MRO) activity throughout nine nations. Singapore Airlines Cargo oversees the cargo-hold space in SIA’s passenger aircraft as well as the freighter fleet. Low-cost carrier Scoot is a fully owned subsidiary that operates.

Facts about the airline:

  1. It has four times been named the greatest airline in the world by Skytrax, and for more than 20 years, Travel & Leisure has ranked it first.
  2. The Skytrax World’s Best Cabin Crew 2019 award goes to Singapore Airlines.
  3. The Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world, was initially introduced to the public by Singapore Airlines.
  4. Additionally, they were the pioneers of the Boeing 787
  5. From its main hub in Singapore, Singapore Airlines offers flights to 78 destinations in 32 nations across five continents.
  6. Get your Wifi while traveling with Singapore airlines; Particularly on Airbus A380, A350, and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, WiFi is accessible on board
  7. Suites, First class, Business class, Premium Economy class, and Economy class are the five service classes offered by Singapore Airlines.
  8. The class suite is a separate stateroom, created by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste, decorated in cream and brown with leather and wood accents to create a cozy, homey feel. For further seclusion, each cabin has a sliding door and window coverings. The area in your cabin is converted into a conversation or dining area by adding a chaise lounge and a sizable table. If you’re traveling with someone, you can turn an adjacent suite into a double room. Suite Class tickets can range in price from $7,000 to $12,000 one-way.
  9. At least $700 million is spent on food and wine by Singapore Airlines.
Singapore Airlines
Suite class
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Singapore Airlines First Class
Suite class
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Singapore Airlines Logo
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Their logo included a stylized bird that had a very geometric appearance. There was only the bird’s upper half, to be exact. Its raised wings were visible.

Dark blue and calm yellow (for the bird) make up the color scheme (for the wordmark).

The letters’ smooth and square features boost the overall design and convey the company’s philosophy in all that it does. Although most of the outlines have been changed, this custom font shares some similarities with FM Bolyar Sans Pro 700.

Here, the colors yellow and blue stand in for the sun and the sky, respectively, but yellow is also a hue of energy and movement, and blue is a well-known representation of safety, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Fleet info.

Its current fleet size: is 150 aircraft
The Fleet consists of 77 airbus planes and 73 Boeing

Aircraft types and their number:

Airbus A350-900: 61        
Airbus A380-800: 16                                                     

Boeing 737-800: 9
Boeing 737 Max 8: 15
Boeing 747 400: 7            
Boeing 777-300er: 26
Boeing 777F: 1
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner: 15

Singapore Airlines
Boeing 737 Max
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History of the airline:

  • Malayan Airways, the airline, was the original name of the business, which was established in 1947. The airline wasn’t renamed Singapore Airlines until a corporate restructure took place in 1972.
  • The airline, like other British Commonwealth airlines, continued to grow throughout the remainder of the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Malaysian Airways was the previous name of the airline until it changed to Malaysian Airways in 1963. After Singapore left the federation in 1966, the airline’s name was once more changed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA)
  • After splitting from MSA in 1972, SIA grew almost immediately, adding cities in Asia and the Indian subcontinent to its network and adding additional planes to its inventory, notably Boeing 747s. Summer 1973 saw the arrival of the first two 747s.
  • The 30th anniversary of SIA occurred in 1977.  The airline announced in late 1976 that it would sponsor the second London-Sydney Marathon car rally, which was scheduled to take place in August-September 1977, as a way to commemorate the occasion.
  • SIA gave its new passenger services substantial publicity before launching them in the US. From July 1978, numerous SIA airplanes had the message “California here we come” painted on them as part of the marketing effort.
  • SIA launched a nonstop trans-Pacific service with the Airbus A340-500 from Singapore to Los Angeles and Newark in 2004.
Singapore Airlines Cargo
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