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The aviation industry was deeply in shock when COVID-19 hit the world almost three years ago. This pandemic had an impact on the industry as nothing had before. Some airlines went bankrupt, and others had to fight for survival. The consequence was aid from states and a massive reduction in staff and fleet. It seemed unlikely that the industry would recover soon and new aircraft would be put into service.

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5 A350-900 will join the SWISS fleet by 2025

SWISS (IATA Code LX), a member of LUFTHANSA GROUP, confirmed the renewal of its fleet by 2025 as a substitution for its four remaining A340-300s. The plan is for the new aircraft to modernize the airline’s long-haul fleet. A runner-up in the type of decision was Boeing’s 787. The A350 offers more cabin space, resulting in better marketing and sales potential.

More efficient and modern

The new model with two engines consumes less fuel than the four-engine aircraft. Saving of around 25% of fuel means a tremendous reduction in fuel costs.

The interior of the cabin was not yet revealed. However, it is clear that SWISS will keep its First Class product and offer passengers travel with high comfort. According to the SWISS CEO, the demand for First Class on SWISS flights is high enough to justify the configuration. In general, the travel will be much calmer and quieter. The technology from the A340 to the A350 has improved rapidly, so the comfort level for all classes will be better than now.

Potential interior of the new A350 (source:

Compared with the current four, A340 SWISS will offer more seats on these aircraft (even though the exact configuration is not yet published). As these new aircraft, therefore, overcompensate for the loss of the four A340s, it is not yet clear what the future development will look like. Will new destinations be taken into the network of SWISS, or is this overcompensation already the start of the renewal of the A330s? These 14 aircraft will also need replacement by 2030. It might be possible that more A350s will join the SWISS fleet.


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