Reuters: Airbus and Qatar Airways Near Agreement in A350 Dispute

A350 Dispute

Airbus and Qatar Airways are approaching a settlement in their disagreement over the A350 dispute. Despite months of public disagreement, it’s uncertain if an agreement will be reached as previous efforts to avoid a London trial have failed. However, two people with knowledge of the situation reported to Reuters, that negotiations have picked up the pace, and the tone seems more positive after a successful meeting between both companies and regulators in Doha last week.

A350 Paint Issues
Surface damage seen on Qatar Airways’ airbus A350 parked at Qatar airways aircraft maintenance hangar in Doha, Qatar, June 20, 2022.
Photo by REUTERS/Imad Creidi

There is no assurance that a deal will be struck after months of public dispute, particularly as previous efforts to prevent a high-profile trial in London this year have fallen through.

The sources indicated an increased optimism in resolving the dispute after a flurry of political activity and a successful meeting between Airbus, Qatar Airways, and their respective regulators in Doha last week. Negotiations have reportedly picked up the pace, and the tone of discussions seems more encouraging.

One source pledged an agreement would be reached, while the other emphasized that negotiations are still ongoing.

What is the issue between Qatar Airways and Airbus?

A350 Paint Issues
A view shows the Qatar Airways’ airbus A350 parked outside Qatar Airways maintenance hangar in Doha, Qatar, June 20, 2022. Picture was taken June 20, 2022.
Photo by: REUTERS/Imad Creidi

In 2020, Qatar Airways sent one of its Airbus A350s to Ireland to receive a special World Cup livery. However, the plan went awry, and the jet returned to Toulouse without any paint. Fast forward to the present, a major conflict erupted between Qatar Airways and Airbus, leading to grounded planes, canceled orders, and a court case in London. While Airbus insists that the damage to Qatar Airways’ A350s is only superficial, the airline argues that aircraft are unsafe to fly without a permanent solution.

Aviation for Aviators released a couple of weeks ago the full story of this ongoing dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways. Tap here to head to the full story.

In conclusion, Airbus and Qatar Airways have been in a disagreement over the A350 dispute for months now, but there has been a recent increase in optimism towards a settlement. Although there is still no guarantee that a deal will be reached, the aviation industry is eagerly awaiting the outcome of these negotiations, which could potentially resolve the grounded planes, canceled orders, and court case in London.

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