Breaking the Rules: Indian Passenger Sneaks Cigarette on an Air India Flight

Breaking the Rules: Passenger Sneaks Cigarette on Airplane

Passenger misbehavior on airplanes is becoming an increasingly common problem in India, and the latest incident involving smoking on board is just another example. On March 4th, a passenger lit a cigarette in the lavatory of an Air India flight from Kolkata to New Delhi, causing alarm and disruption to the flight. This incident is part of a larger trend of unruly behavior on Indian airlines that has raised concerns about passenger safety and the need for stronger measures to curb such behavior. In this article, we will delve deeper into the issue and explore what can be done to address it.

What Happened?

According to reports, a passenger on an Airbus A321 flight, operating under flight number AI 763, between Kolkata and New Delhi, was caught smoking in the lavatory. After the smoke was detected, the crew was alerted, and the air traffic control in Delhi was informed of the situation. Upon landing, the passenger was handed over to the police, and he admitted to being a chain smoker. Investigation into the incident followed.

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Similar Incidents:

A similar incident occurred less than two months ago when a 62-year-old man was caught smoking inside the lavatory of a SpiceJet plane. He was also handed over to the police and later released on bail.

Such incidents are not limited to India, as a video shared on Twitter in December 2022 showed a passenger lighting a cigarette on an American Airlines flight. The cabin crew responded by putting out the cigarette, and the airline commended its employees for their actions.

“Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited by law and not allowed on any American Airlines flight. We thank our team member for their swift action in addressing the issue.”

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History of Smoking on Planes

Although it is unimaginable for anyone to smoke in an airplane today, there was a time when aircraft cabins were filled with secondhand smoke as smoking during flights was allowed. The process of prohibiting smoking on planes was gradual and a significant milestone was achieved in 1990 when smoking was banned on US domestic flights lasting less than six hours. Over time, smoking was eventually prohibited on international flights, leading to the current situation where smoking is strictly forbidden on all flights.

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It is concerning to see such incidents of passengers causing inconvenience midflight despite all the warnings and signs displayed inside lavatories. Smoking is prohibited on planes for a reason, and anyone caught smoking midflight should be prepared to face the consequences. The safety and comfort of all passengers on board should always be the top priority.

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