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EVA Air Expands Fleet with Five Additional Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners

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EVA Air, the Taiwanese airline, recently announced the addition of five Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to its fleet. This move aims to increase the efficiency of the carrier’s operations using widebody aircraft, a decision that industry insiders have anticipated.

Repeat Orders Demonstrate Confidence in Dreamliner

This latest order for the 787-9 Dreamliner doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have been following the developments of EVA Air. The airline had been eyeing an acquisition of five more Dreamliners earlier this month, and they have now officially confirmed their repeat order with Boeing.

EVA Air is no stranger to the 787 family, as it currently operates ten units, comprising four 787-9s and six 787-10s. The -9s are configured with 278 economy and 26 business seats, while the -10s feature 308 economy and 34 business seats.

Unfilled Orders and a Post-Pandemic Recovery

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The airline still has outstanding orders for nine -9s and seven -10s. As EVA Air progresses through its recovery phase, thanks to relaxed pandemic restrictions in its key markets, these new additions will help meet increased demand over the coming decade.

Company Leaders Share Enthusiasm for Dreamliner

EVA Air’s president expressed excitement about the Dreamliner in a statement, emphasizing that the 787 fleet is central to their carbon-neutral growth strategy. He affirmed the airline’s commitment to operating a sustainable fleet that reduces carbon emissions while offering passengers world-class service.

Boeing Commercial Airlines’ president and CEO, Stan Deal, echoed this enthusiasm, praising EVA Air’s efficient and sustainable widebody fleet. He added that the repeat orders for the 787 showcase the value that the Dreamliner brings to EVA Air’s network, especially as passenger traffic in Asia returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Dreamliner’s Role in Long-Haul Operations

Source: The Business Journals

The 787 is an essential component of EVA Air’s widebody fleet, which also includes eight 777-200Fs and 34 777-300ERs, with another 777 freighter on order. According to Cirium data, the 787 accounted for about 25% of EVA’s widebody flights from Taipei earlier this month. These flights primarily served destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo, but also included Milan, Munich, Vienna, and Seattle, showcasing the aircraft’s versatility on both continental and transoceanic routes.

EVA Air is renowned for its exceptional customer service, connecting passengers across its network through its hub at Taoyuan International Airport. The Dreamliners, with their modern interiors and quiet engines, perfectly complement the carrier’s commitment to offering an outstanding travel experience.

As EVA Air welcomes the new Dreamliners, the airline aims to capitalize on the aircraft’s efficiency. These planes offer up to 25% greater fuel efficiency than previous generations, thanks to their 80% composite materials and advanced GEnx engines.

How do you think the addition of these Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will impact EVA Air’s growth and sustainability initiatives in the coming years?

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