Boeing Resumes 767 Deliveries After Three-Month Pause

After a brief halt in operations due to quality concerns affecting both commercial and military versions of its widebody aircraft, Boeing resumes 767 deliveries. On April 5, the US manufacturer confirmed that the delivery of the type had resumed, though no further details were provided.

FedEx Receives First 767 Delivery Since Pause

Cirium fleets data reveals that on March 24, Boeing delivered a 767-300ER Freighter to FedEx, the American package delivery giant. This marks the first delivery since the pause, signaling a return to normal operations.

Quality Issue Involved Two In-Production 767 Variants

Boeing’s delivery pause was made apparent last month when the company announced that it was addressing a “quality issue” affecting its two remaining in-production 767 variants. These included cargo-configured 767-300ER Freighters and the 767-based KC-46 military refueling tankers.

Boeing Resumes 767 Deliveries
Image’s source: Airline Reporter

Boeing Identifies Paint Adhesion Issue as Root Cause

In a statement released on March 7, Boeing shared that a quality issue had been identified in some of the 767/KC-46 Tanker components. The company was committed to working with its supplier, regulator, and customers to resolve the issue. Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ Chief Executive, Stan Deal, disclosed in a Reuters report last week that the problem involved a paint adhesion issue.

767 Deliveries Back on Schedule After December 2022 Pause

Before the recent delivery on March 24, Boeing’s last delivery of a 767 was in December 2022, also to FedEx, as per the company’s data. The US manufacturer is expected to release its March aircraft order and delivery figures on April 11.

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