American Airlines Boeing 737 Suffers Engine Flameout After Hitting Flock of Geese

An American Airlines Boeing 737 flight experienced a dramatic engine flameout when a flock of geese collided with the aircraft shortly after take-off. The frightening event was captured on video and posted online, showing the aircraft emitting flames before returning to the airport. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

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Terrifying Moment During Take-off

The American Airlines Flight 1958 was en route to Phoenix, Arizona from John Glenn Columbus International Airport when it was struck by a flock of geese. Eyewitnesses described flames shooting from the engine and “wonky, pulsing noises” coming from the plane. One person in Columbus, Ohio even reported that it sounded like the engines were about to fail. The flight took off at 7:43 am and made an emergency landing back at the airport just 40 minutes later, at 8:22 am.

American Airlines Boeing 737
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Identifying the Aircraft

American Airlines Boeing 737
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The aircraft involved in the incident was a Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-800 (N972NN, built 2015), not the controversial 737 Max, which has been linked to two fatal crashes resulting in over 340 deaths. After the engine flameout, videos and photos circulated online, showing flames coming from the engine and the plane emitting a low rumbling noise as it flew over Ohio.

Investigation and Airport Status

American Airlines Boeing 737
via dailymail

An unnamed passenger on the flight reported that the pilot attributed the engine fire to geese entering the engine. The Federal Aviation Administration is now leading an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, John Glenn Columbus International Airport remains open and operational, with emergency crews present on the scene.

Recent Similar Event

This dramatic event occurred only three days after another engine fire aboard an Airbus A321 at Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina. The fire was visible from the slats of the plane, and passengers were heard crying out in fear. The flight, bound for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, returned to the gate without taking off, and the flames were extinguished. The incident, which resulted in no injuries, is being treated as a mechanical failure.

While the American Airlines Boeing 737 incident was certainly frightening for passengers and observers, it serves as a reminder of the importance of aviation safety and thorough investigations into such occurrences. As the Federal Aviation Administration leads the investigation into this engine flameout, we can only hope that valuable lessons will be learned to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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