Qatar Airways Flight Forced to Divert Due to Clear Air Turbulence

On May 10th, 2023, a Qatar Airways flight QR960 traveling from Doha to Denpasar encountered severe clear air turbulence, causing injuries to multiple passengers. As a result, the flight had to divert unexpectedly to Bangkok, where both passengers and crew members were provided with medical assistance.

Turbulence Over the Bay of Bengal

While flying over the Bay of Bengal at an altitude of 37,000 feet, Qatar Airways flight QR960 encountered turbulent weather conditions, which resulted in injuries to multiple passengers. The incident forced the aircraft to divert to Bangkok. Despite the severity of the turbulence, the 12-year-old Boeing 777-300ER did not suffer any damage. The Bay of Bengal is well-known for its unpredictable weather patterns.

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Arrival and Assistance in Bangkok

After the turbulence incident, Qatar Airways flight QR960 managed to land safely in Bangkok, less than six hours after taking off and approximately 30 minutes after the event. Medical personnel were present to offer aid to those injured. The airplane stayed at Bangkok Airport overnight and resumed its journey to Denpasar the following day. Qatar Airways took care of accommodation and meals for all passengers during the unexpected layover in Thailand.

Qatar Airways’ Statement

Qatar Airways released a statement on Twitter confirming the occurrence of the turbulence incident during flight QR960 and explained that it was clear air turbulence, causing minor and moderate injuries. The airline emphasized that the safety and security of the passengers are of utmost importance. Furthermore, Qatar Airways provided meals and accommodation to all passengers during the unscheduled layover in Bangkok.

Qatar Airways statement

Similar Incidents

The Bay of Bengal has gained notoriety for causing turbulence that can result in injuries to passengers. Back in June 2016, a Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 en route from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur encountered severe turbulence over the same area, causing 40 passengers to sustain injuries. Another Emirates-operated A380 also experienced turbulence in July 2019, affecting both passengers and crew members and causing injuries.

The turbulence incident is a reminder of the significance of wearing seat belts while onboard flights, particularly during turbulent weather conditions. Qatar Airways has affirmed its passengers that their welfare and safety continue to be the airline’s topmost priority. The airline’s swift response in diverting the flight and providing medical aid to the affected passengers is evidence of its dedication to ensuring passenger safety. By implementing the appropriate measures and precautions, passengers can expect a secure and pleasant flight experience.

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