Global Airlines to Acquire Three More Airbus A380s

Global Airlines is set to expand its fleet with the acquisition of three more Airbus A380s, taking the total number of these superjumbos to four. The startup carrier is now gearing up to outfit these aircraft and bring them back into service, in time for the launch of its transatlantic operations in spring 2024.

The exact sum paid by Global Airlines for these A380s remains undisclosed. According to a statement from the airline, additional information regarding the aircraft, the acquisition, and the refurbishment process will be released in the coming months.

Global Airlines
Photo: Global Airlines

CEO of Global Airlines, James Asquith, expressed his enthusiasm about this expansion, stating, “We are delighted to announce the purchase of three additional A380s for the Global fleet. I’ve always maintained that the A380 is the best aircraft in the sky, and we will continue to seek further acquisition opportunities.”

A Break from Tradition

Global Airlines grabbed headlines last month when it revealed its first Airbus A380 purchase, making it the first new airline to take on the superjumbo in eight years. The carrier plans to utilize the A380s on routes between London and the US, capitalizing on the spacious cabins of these superjumbos to redefine the flying experience.

Assuming the airline’s successful launch, Global Airlines’ operation will oppose the recent trend of using narrowbody aircraft for transatlantic flights. Airlines such as Aer Lingus and TAP Air Portugal have frequently been deploying the Airbus A321neo for transatlantic services.

New Additions to the Board

Global Airlines
Photo: Global Airlines

In addition to the acquisition of the Airbus A380s, Global Airlines also announced the appointment of Pierre Madrange and Ian Black to its advisory board, both bringing a wealth of aviation experience.

Madrange, a former fighter pilot in the French Air Force, held several key roles including Chief Operating Officer at XL Airways and Managing Director at SR Technics. Black, who also has a military background, has accrued over 20,000 flying hours on long-haul widebodies like the Airbus A330 and Boeing 787 in his commercial flying career.

Asquith welcomed the new board members, stating, “We extend our warmest welcome to both Ian and Pierre to the Global Airlines’ advisory board. They will work closely with our team, advising on various aviation, technical, and commercial issues. It is a testament to our progress that we continue to attract senior and experienced professionals to our advisory board. I believe we must have one of the most experienced teams of aviation professionals coming together to launch Global Airlines.”

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How do you feel about the return of Airbus A380s for transatlantic flights? Would the promise of a more spacious and potentially luxurious cabin experience entice you to choose Global Airlines over competitors using narrowbody aircraft?

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