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Saudia’s Stunning Retro Livery on Newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Saudia, the Saudi Arabian flag carrier, is set to receive a brand-new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft featuring the airline’s stunning retro livery. The new aircraft is currently being prepared for delivery at the Boeing facility in Charleston and is set to join the carrier’s existing Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which also features a retro livery.

The Retro Livery

The retro livery featured on the new aircraft has a dark green background on the tailplane and engine cowlings, with the Saudia logo in white. The aircraft’s fuselage is white with a light and dark green stripe above a light and dark blue stripe running along the length of the body.

The 777 retro livery, which was unveiled in September 2021 to mark Saudia’s 75th anniversary, features a slightly different livery. The 777 has its radome painted in black and does not have the dark green color or the Saudia logo on its engine cowlings, which are white, matching the fuselage. The fuselage also sports a large number ’75’ across the stripes, signifying the special occasion.

The Airbus A321neo aircraft, currently at the Airbus facility in Hamburg, is also set to showcase Saudia’s retro livery.

Image by: Joost Alexander via PLANESPOTTERS

Not the First Dreamliner

Previously, Saudia had a Boeing 787-9 feature a special livery, which was revealed alongside the 777 retro livery in September 2021 as part of the airline’s anniversary celebrations. This special livery features a golden theme throughout the aircraft and displays images of three of the country’s Royal Family members on the aircraft’s golden-colored tailplane.

Other Special Liveries

In June 2021, Saudia unveiled two 787-9s featuring a special livery to mark the country’s celebration of 2021 as the year of Arabic Calligraphy. Both aircraft featured calligraphy-styled liveries, which were part of the country’s Quality of Life Program, aimed at representing Arabic calligraphy as an aesthetic icon that represents the Saudi identity.

The Quality of Life Program is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative, which aims to develop key sectors across the country and reduce dependency on the country’s oil resources.

Image by: Joost Alexander via PLANESPOTTERS

Remembering Saudia’s Roots

As Saudia grows its fleet, it remembers its roots with retro liveries that showcase the country’s heritage and culture. The retro liveries pay homage to the airline’s history, while the special liveries celebrate significant events and achievements in the country’s development.

Saudia is committed to providing its passengers with a comfortable and memorable travel experience, and the retro liveries on its aircraft add to the airline’s unique identity and brand image.

What do you think of Saudia’s retro livery on their newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

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