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Emirates and Arsenal Extend Partnership Until 2028


Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has renewed its partnership with English football club Arsenal until at least 2028. The two have enjoyed a successful collaboration since teaming up in 2006, and the four-year extension will see Emirates continue as the English Premier League’s longest-running shirt sponsors.

Strengthening the Partnership

The announcement came on the eve of the annual Emirates Cup, a pre-season tournament that pits Arsenal against some of the world’s top sides. Arsenal emerged victorious, defeating French outfit Monaco via a penalty shootout. The extended partnership will see Emirates continue to be the club’s main shirt sponsor, and the Emirates Stadium in London will retain its name under the deal.

The Arsenal-Emirates Partnership

Emirates and Arsenal’s partnership goes beyond just the shirt sponsorship, with Emirates Stadium’s naming rights being the most significant. Arsenal’s 60,000-seater home in London has been named the Emirates Stadium since the partnership began. The two partners recently launched the ‘Global Gooners’ initiative, which offers Arsenal supporters from around the world free air travel and stadium tickets to watch their favorite team. Emirates’ global presence has helped Arsenal boost its exposure to a global fanbase, while the English Premier League attracts billions of viewers each season.

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The New Deal

While no details have emerged on the financials of the deal, the previous agreement was worth around £40 million ($50.7 million) a year to Arsenal. Emirates’ new deal includes enhancements to the partnership’s offerings, such as exclusive content, access to Arsenal legends, and a range of experiences for fans. The partnership’s longevity speaks to the shared values and commitment of the two organizations.

Emirates’ Presence in Football

Apart from Arsenal, Emirates has also sponsored other football teams such as Italian football team AC Milan and Spanish side Real Madrid, although its relationship with both sides is not as extensive as its partnership with Arsenal. Neighboring carrier Etihad Airways sponsors Premier League champions Manchester City, and their deal also features stadium naming rights. Qatar Airways is another prominent sponsor in the footballing world, supporting European giants Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain.

The Impact of the Partnership

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates, expressed his pride in the journey that Emirates and Arsenal have shared over the past 17 years, celebrating triumphs and standing strong against challenges. The partnership has been built on a shared vision of excellence, and they are dedicated to enriching the experiences of fans worldwide. Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer Juliet Slot added that the longevity of their special relationship is a sign of their enduring shared values, their ambition to bring their global communities together, and their commitment to building on the numerous achievements that have marked their 17-year journey to date.

Image by: Wolfgang Kaiser via PLANESOPOTTERS

The extension of Emirates’ partnership with Arsenal is a testament to the long-standing collaboration between the two organizations. The deal will see Emirates continue to support Arsenal in their quest for success, both on and off the pitch. The partnership has been fruitful, and they are dedicated to creating magical moments for Arsenal supporters worldwide. Emirates’ presence in football has been significant, and their continued support of the sport will undoubtedly be welcomed by fans and enthusiasts alike.

What do you think are the benefits of Emirates’ partnership with Arsenal, both for the club and the airline?

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