United Airlines’ $1.25 Million Investment Empowers STEM Education in Schools


United Airlines has announced a remarkable initiative to allocate $1.25 million towards funding various STEM projects in schools across selected cities. By teaming up with the nonprofit organization DonorsChoose, the airline aims to assist educators and families in coping with the escalating costs of classroom supplies and resources.

DonorsChoose: Empowering Educators Since 2000

DonorsChoose, initially founded by Bronx public high school teacher Charles Best in 2000, has evolved into a significant platform connecting public school teachers with individuals interested in supporting their classroom projects. Recognizing that teachers were spending an average of $500 annually out of pocket for project materials, Best established the website where educators could request funding for necessary resources. With rigorous project vetting and transparent reporting, DonorsChoose has successfully funded over two million projects.

United Airlines Takes Flight in STEM Education

United Airlines’ generous donation will specifically fund aviation-themed classroom projects posted on the DonorsChoose website. The funding will benefit schools in cities such as Chicago, Denver, Washington DC, New York, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Hawaii. Aviation maintenance projects may receive materials such as safety glasses and industrial first-aid kits, while introductory aviation projects may be supported with relevant reading books. United Airlines’ Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Josh Earnest, emphasizes the airline’s commitment to inspiring the next generation of aviators.

Extending Support to the STEM Field

In addition to aviation projects, the remaining funds will be utilized in a matching campaign to support STEM-focused initiatives in the chosen cities. This broader support will encompass a range of resources, including board games to enhance mathematics comprehension, Lego Education sets and 3D printers to bring science to life, and improved classroom furniture to create conducive learning environments. United Airlines’ contribution aims to foster young minds and empower future scientists, aviators, and engineers.

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Seamless Application Process for Teachers

Teachers in the selected cities interested in submitting their projects for funding consideration can visit the DonorsChoose website and complete the necessary verification process. With United Airlines’ substantial contribution, countless projects are expected to be swiftly and fully funded, enriching the lives of numerous students. Materials such as books, furniture, headphones, and other educational tools play a vital role in enhancing students’ learning experiences.

United Airlines’ Dedication to Educational Enrichment

United Airlines’ investment in STEM education reflects its unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in communities. By empowering teachers and students through funding, the airline supports the growth of careers in the fields of science, aviation, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Alix Guerrier, CEO of DonorsChoose, recognizes the potential of this partnership in nurturing the aspirations of future professionals.

Transforming Classrooms, Transforming Lives

The collaboration between United Airlines and DonorsChoose demonstrates the significant influence that corporate support can have on education. As students prepare to return to school, the availability of essential resources can make a profound difference in their learning journey. Through this initiative, United Airlines is helping to create a brighter future by equipping classrooms and inspiring the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders.

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In conclusion, United Airlines’ investment of $1.25 million in funding STEM projects through DonorsChoose showcases its dedication to educational enrichment. By supporting teachers and students in selected cities, the airline aims to provide essential resources and inspire young minds. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in transforming classrooms and shaping the trajectory of students’ lives.

How do you think funding aviation-themed projects in schools can inspire and engage students in STEM fields?

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