Dubai Airshow 2023 Flying Display Schedule – Monday, November 13th

Here’s the flying display schedule of the opening day of the Dubai Airshow, showcasing an exciting array of aircraft displays:

UAE Formation Fly-Past14:00-14:10
Frecce Tricolori14:10-14:35
Boeing 777-914:35-14:43
F-16 Falcon14:43-14:51
Bader 25014:51-14:57
KUH (Helicopter)14:57-15:04
Lockheed Martin F-3515:04-15:15
Dassault Rafale15:15-15:25
Russian Knights15:25-15:50
JF-17 Thunder15:50-15:58
McDonnell Douglas F-1515:58-16:06
Rockwell B-1 Lancer16:06-16:13
Airbus A35016:13-16:21
HAL Tejas16:21-16:29
Hongdu L-1516:29-16:38
Mirage 2000-916:38-16:46
August 1st Aerobatic Team16:41-17:11

This detailed schedule for the first day of the Dubai Airshow highlights a diverse range of aircraft and performances, promising an exhilarating experience for all attendees. From the UAE Formation Fly-Past marking the start of the show to the impressive display by the August 1st Aerobatic Team, each time slot is filled with aerial artistry and technical prowess. The lineup includes both military and commercial aircraft, showcasing the best in aviation technology and skill.

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