EGYPTAIR Orders 10 Airbus A350-900 at Dubai Airshow 2023

At the beginning of the second day of Dubai Airshow 2023, EGYPTAIR announced a significant addition to its fleet with an order for 10 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This acquisition represents a major step in the airline’s strategy to enhance its global route network and improve operational efficiency. EGYPTAIR’s decision to invest in the A350-900 aligns with its commitment to modernizing its fleet with more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft.

The Airbus A350-900s are set to bring substantial benefits to EGYPTAIR, including a 25% reduction in fuel burn and emissions. This enhancement in fuel efficiency is not only economically beneficial but also aligns with the growing focus on sustainable aviation. For passengers, the Airbus AirSpace cabin offers a new level of comfort, characterized by its spaciousness, wide seats, high ceilings, and ambient lighting, enhancing the overall travel experience.

The signing of this deal at the Dubai Airshow, in the presence of EGYPTAIR’s Chairman and CEO, Engineer Yehia Zakaria, and Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer, underscores the importance of this partnership between EGYPTAIR and Airbus. This collaboration is seen as a key driver in advancing the aviation sector in the Middle East and Africa, with EGYPTAIR playing a pivotal role.

EGYPTAIR’s Fleet Enhancement and Network Expansion

Yehia Zakaria, EGYPTAIR’s Chairman and CEO, highlighted the airline’s focus on incorporating contemporary aircraft into its fleet, with the A350-900 being the ideal choice. These aircraft, equipped with Rolls-Royce XWB Trent engines, boast not only a modern design but also significantly reduced fuel emissions and consumption. This acquisition is a strategic response to the growing demand across EGYPTAIR’s network, positioning the airline to expand its reach and enhance operational capabilities.

The addition of the A350-900s is poised to revolutionize EGYPTAIR’s fleet, elevating the airline’s status with the introduction of these state-of-the-art widebody aircraft. Christian Scherer of Airbus emphasized the A350-900’s role as EGYPTAIR’s flagship aircraft, instrumental in expanding its offerings and unlocking new opportunities, particularly in the Western United States and the Far East. The A350-900’s versatility and efficiency make it the ideal aircraft for a variety of routes, from short-haul to ultra-long-haul.

EGYPTAIR’s move to integrate the A350-900 into its fleet reflects a forward-looking approach, aiming to enhance both economic efficiency and passenger comfort. The airline’s investment in this advanced aircraft is a clear indication of its commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the global aviation market, offering passengers a superior travel experience while adhering to environmental sustainability standards.

The Airbus A350: A Game-Changer in Modern Aviation


The Airbus A350 represents the pinnacle of modern and efficient widebody aircraft design, leading the 300-410 seater category in long-range capability. Its clean-sheet design incorporates the latest in aerospace technologies, aerodynamics, and lightweight materials, coupled with the latest generation engines. These features collectively deliver a 25% advantage in fuel burn, operating costs, and CO2 emissions, and a 50% reduction in noise compared to previous generation competitor aircraft.

EGYPTAIR’s Ambitious Vision with the Airbus A350-900

The order of Airbus A350-900s by EGYPTAIR at the Dubai Airshow marks a significant milestone in the airline’s journey towards fleet modernization and network expansion. With these new aircraft, EGYPTAIR is set to enhance its global presence, offering passengers a more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable flying experience.

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