Oman Air Expands Cargo Capacity with First Boeing 737-800 Converted Freighter

Boeing and Oman Air have made a significant announcement at the Dubai Airshow, revealing the order and delivery of Oman Air’s first Boeing 737-800 Converted Freighter (BCF). This marks Oman Air’s entry into the dedicated cargo aircraft sector, representing a strategic expansion for the Muscat-based carrier. The decision to incorporate the 737-800BCF into its fleet is a response to the increasing demand for air cargo logistics, a sector witnessing substantial growth in Oman and the wider region.

Oman Air Cargo has experienced a remarkable 42 percent increase in cargo volume during the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. This surge is primarily attributed to the expansion of capacity across its passenger airplane fleet. The introduction of the 737-800BCF, capable of carrying up to 23.9 tonnes of freight over a range of 3,750 km, is expected to further boost Oman Air’s cargo handling capabilities. This new freighter will play a crucial role in supporting the continued growth of the air cargo logistics sector in Oman and enhancing connections between East and West.

Oman Air’s strategic decision to base the 737-800BCF at its Muscat hub underscores the carrier’s commitment to leveraging its geographically advantageous position. This move is anticipated to significantly enhance Oman Air’s operational efficiency and capacity in cargo transportation, aligning with the growing global demand for air freight services.

Boeing’s Partnership with Oman Air Cargo

Kate Schaefer, Boeing’s Vice President of Commercial Modifications, expressed pride in partnering with Oman Air Cargo to support their operations with the 737-800BCF. She highlighted the aircraft’s optimal payload and range capabilities as complementary to Oman Air’s existing passenger fleet, providing dedicated cargo capacity. This partnership is a testament to Boeing’s commitment to supporting airlines in optimizing their fleets and responding to market demands.

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