Ethiopian Airlines Expands Fleet with Additional Airbus A350-900s

Ethiopian Airlines Group, the flagship carrier of Ethiopia, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for 11 additional Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This agreement, announced at the Dubai Airshow, elevates Ethiopian Airlines’ total A350 order book and commitments to 33 aircraft, which includes four A350-1000s. The addition of these new A350-900s solidifies Ethiopian Airlines’ status as Africa’s largest A350 customer.

During the signing at the Dubai Airshow, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mr. Mesfin Tasew, expressed enthusiasm for the fleet expansion. He highlighted the A350-900’s advanced features, such as its quiet cabin and ambient lighting, which enhance passenger comfort. The commitment to acquire these technologically advanced aircraft aligns with Ethiopian Airlines’ customer-centric approach, aiming to provide a convenient and memorable onboard experience.

The expansion of Ethiopian Airlines’ fleet with additional A350-900s reflects the carrier’s ambition to modernize its operations and maintain its leading position in African aviation. This move is indicative of the airline’s broader strategy to continue offering high-quality service and expand its global network.

Ethiopian Airlines Strengthening Long-Haul Travel

Ethiopian Airlines
Photo by Airbus

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International, commended Ethiopian Airlines for effectively leveraging the A350’s capabilities for long-haul travel. He emphasized Ethiopia’s strategic geographical position, which offers fast connections between China and Latin America, making the A350 an ideal aircraft for the airline’s expansive route network.

The signing of the MoU for additional Airbus A350-900s represents a milestone in Ethiopian Airlines’ journey towards fleet expansion and modernization. This move not only enhances the airline’s operational capacity but also showcases its commitment to offering a superior travel experience to its passengers.

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