9 Must-Subscribe Aviation YouTube Channels for Fans


Flying is fascinating for everyone. We all have childhood memories of chasing airplane shadows in the sky or experiencing our first flight. As kids, many of us dream of becoming aeronautic engineers or pilots, but only a few succeed in achieving that dream. Since not everyone can experience real flights, here are some exceptional Aviation YouTube channels that will fill that void. Below is a list of YouTube channels for aviation enthusiasts worth following.

#1 MariaThePilot

Maria Fagerstrom and her partner Viktor Fors create video content on their YouTube channel, Mr and Mrs. Pilot, for aviation enthusiasts. As commercial pilots from Sweden and Spain, they possess extensive knowledge and experience that they eagerly share with their audience. Through their insights as Boeing 737 pilots, they provide valuable information about turbulence, safe landings, and the pilot’s lifestyle. Their channel stands out as one of the top aviation YouTube channels.

#2 Cargospotter

You will love aircraft and constantly learn about them. Besides, you will upload never-before-seen videos of airplanes in action. The channel is designed for all aviation enthusiasts and people interested in understanding how the aviation industry and airplanes function. Cargospotter is the go-to place for videos of rarely-seen Boeings, Ilyushins, Douglas planes, and more. The real footage captured and posted here attracts massive views, making it one of the top aviation YouTube channels.

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#3 Mustard

The aviation YouTube channel, which has been active for just a year, has consistently delivered exceptional video quality since its inception. The two creators continually raise the bar of quality with each new video they release, featuring remarkable 3D renders and providing enlightening insights on various aviation topics. The result is an outstanding blend that captivates and enthralls viewers.

#4 Cloudsurfing

Check out this awesome aviation YouTube channel that gives you a unique perspective from the flight deck. Experience what pilots see as they cross oceans and continents. Plus, the videos are short, so you can enjoy them even if you only have a few minutes to spare!

#5 Captain Joe

This channel gives you an exclusive glimpse into the daily life and experiences of a pilot on board. Captain Joe not only explains aviation topics and aircraft details, but also reveals the reality beyond just schedules, delays, training, and learning. As one of the top aviation YouTube channels, it aims to educate viewers about various aspects of a pilot’s life both on and off flights.

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#6 Classic Airliners & Vintage Pop Culture

You probably noticed that we’re really passionate about aviation history. One particular aspect we love is the incredible story of Concorde. This aviation YouTube channel is like a paradise for us as it offers a treasure trove of vintage promotional films, exhilarating tests, impressive take-offs, and smooth landings. Additionally, you’ll find footage of long-gone airlines like PSA, Eastern, and Pan Am.

#7 DutchPilotGirl

DutchPilotGirl is breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry, inspiring girls worldwide to pursue their dreams and take flight! She creates informative videos that explain different aviation operations. Moreover, you can find videos on how you can kick-start your pilot career.


Subscribe to AIRBOYD for incredible content on flying! This channel teaches safety, trains people, demonstrates aviation systems, showcases vintage aircraft models, and much more. It’s a hub of precious films, documentaries, rare clips, and fascinating footage for AV-geeks and aviation enthusiasts. You’ll be captivated by everything related to aviation on AIRBOYD!

#9 Cargospotter

You can consider aircraft spotting as an art form. Capturing the fine details in a picture requires precision and delicacy. This aviation YouTube channel raises the bar by capturing high-quality videos of planes at airports. These videos offer entertaining glimpses into the happenings on an airport runway.


The view from above is mesmerizing, but not everyone is destined to see it. At least the way airplane pilots see it. With the listed YouTube channels, you can experience the life of a pilot and learn more about airplanes. You can both dream and know about the real problems of aviation.

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