Lufthansa Group Orders 200 Aircraft

Lufthansa A220

Lufthansa Group has marked a significant expansion in its fleet with the order of 200 aircraft, valued at $9 billion at list prices. This order, encompassing 80 firm orders and 120 options, spans three distinct aircraft families: the Airbus A220, Airbus A320neo, and Boeing 737 MAX. The delivery of these aircraft is scheduled between 2026 and 2032.

The order includes 40 Airbus A220-300s (with 20 options), 40 Boeing 737 MAX 8s (with 60 options), and 40 options for the Airbus A320neo family. This diverse selection underscores Lufthansa’s commitment to enhancing its operational flexibility and efficiency across various market segments and route structures.

Lufthansa 737 MAX

Allocation of New Aircraft to Lufthansa Subsidiaries

Lufthansa’s newly formed subsidiary, City Airlines, is set to receive the Airbus A220-300s, primarily for short-haul operations from Frankfurt and Munich airports, with the first delivery expected in 2026. This decision follows Lufthansa Group CEO’s announcement about acquiring up to 80 aircraft for City Airlines, highlighting the A220’s suitability for the carrier’s operational needs. City Airlines is poised to commence operations in summer 2024, adding a new dimension to the group’s service offerings.

In a notable shift, Lufthansa Group has reintroduced the Boeing 737 into its fleet after phasing out its last 737-500 in 2016. The Boeing 737 MAX, praised for being a modern iteration of the popular 737 series, is expected to start arriving in 2027. The allocation of the 737 MAXs within the Lufthansa Group will be decided at a later date, offering flexibility in fleet deployment across its various carriers.

Lufthansa Group Orders 200 Aircraft
Photo via: Airline Suppliers

Lufthansa’s Growing Airbus Fleet and Historical Ties

The Group’s commitment to the Airbus A320neo family is further solidified with 40 additional options, reinforcing its large Airbus A320 family fleet, which currently includes around 450 aircraft of various A320ceo and A320neo variants. This decision reflects Lufthansa’s strategy to secure favorable conditions for future Airbus orders, enhancing its competitive edge in the market.

Lufthansa Group Orders 200 Aircraft
Photo by: TJDarmstadt

In May 2023, Lufthansa celebrated a milestone with Airbus by taking delivery of its 600th aircraft from the manufacturer – an Airbus A321neo. This event, marked by a special livery on the narrowbody jet, underscored the long-standing relationship between Lufthansa and Airbus.

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