British Airways Flight Attendant Dies in Front of Passengers Moments Before Takeoff

A 52-year-old British Airways flight attendant tragically died on New Year’s Eve, collapsing in front of passengers just moments before takeoff from London Heathrow Airport. The flight, bound for Hong Kong, had already boarded and prepared for departure when the crew member fell ill in the rear galley. The tragic event occurred on December 30, 2023, as the aircraft was gearing up for its 15-hour journey to Hong Kong, marking a somber end to the year for the crew and passengers involved.

Reports indicate that the crew member received immediate first aid from a passenger with medical training onboard, but despite these efforts, the flight attendant was pronounced dead at the scene. The London Ambulance Service confirmed the unfortunate outcome in a statement, noting the dedication of the crew and the passenger in attempting to save their colleague’s life.

“Sadly, despite the best efforts of our crew, a patient was pronounced dead at the scene,” the London Ambulance Service confirmed in a statement.

British Airways Flight Attendant Dies
Photo via British Airways

The flight was delayed until the following day, with a new crew assigned. British Airways expressed their profound condolences.

“Our thoughts are with our colleagues’ family and friends at this difficult time,” the airline said in a statement.

This tragic incident marked the second death of a British Airways crew member in December. On December 23rd, another 52-year-old crew member was found dead in his hotel room during a layover, leading to the cancellation of a Newark to London flight. A source close to the airline, speaking to The Sun, described the crew as “frantic” and in shock following the two sudden deaths. Both deceased crew members were reportedly healthy and described as “family men,” leaving their families “in shock and disbelief.”

“It has been a traumatic festive period for BA’s flying team. Everyone is deeply upset,” the source said.

The airline has not yet disclosed the cause of either death, and investigations are ongoing. This tragic event underscores the demanding nature of airline crew work and the emotional toll it can take on staff.


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