Boeing 757 and Airbus A321…Which is Better?

The Boeing 757 and Airbus A321 are similar aircraft, but which one is the superior choice for airlines and freight operators? Let’s find out in this article.

Image by István from Pixabay
Image by Norbert via Pixabay


First, let’s start out with the variants. The B757 has two main variants: The 757-200 and the 757-300. There are also cargo variants based on the 757-200, currently being operated by around 40 airlines worldwide. The A321’s variants are the A321-100, A321-200, A321neo, A321LR, and the most recent A321XLR. Although the B757 has more freighter configurations, the A321 has still been an outstanding aircraft. In total, the A321 has more variants than the B757, having various options for airlines to choose from.


Now onto safety, the A321 has had five major incidents, a few of which were fatal. But with the 757, it has had around twelve incidents, including two of which were on 9/11. That makes the A321 currently safer than the B757.


The range of the B757 and A321 are pretty similar, considering that the B757 has a maximum range of around 3,900 Nautical Miles and the A321 has around 4,000. Even though separated by only one hundred Nautical Miles, the A321 still holds the place as the longest range.


Finally, we look over the passenger capacity. The A321 series can fit from 185 to 236 passengers in its cabin, while the B757 series fits up to 280 passengers in it. The 757 series has more passenger capacity, but the A321 series has a more modern cabin.


Overall, research shows the A321 holds the place of the best option for passenger flights, but the B757 holds the place for the better freighter option. What do you think?

  • Featured image by István via Pixabay

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