4 Outstanding Airlines in the United States (March 2024)

Choosing the airline to fly on is one of the hardest decisions to make while planning a trip. If you agree, then that means that you have made it to the best place. In this article, we will go over four airlines in the United States (Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Hawaiian Airlines) and their benefits according to extensive research. Everyone has a favorite part about flying, so finding out more about the airline that specializes in that topic will definitely help you out by a huge amount. It’s only been around three months into the year, so let’s explore the categories that these US airlines specialize in.

Before we get started, here is an overview of the airlines and their benefits included in this article.

Rewards: Alaska Airlines’ Mileage plan provides many outstanding benefits and deals to passengers. Basic Economy: Southwest Airlines’ basic economy presents exceptional passenger comfort and space. Entertainment: Delta Air Lines provides high-quality seatback entertainment for every passenger. Elite Status Program: Hawaiian Airlines organizes an outstanding Elite Status Program, benefiting passengers in various ways.

Rewards (Alaska Airlines)

Overall, Alaska Airlines presents the best passenger rewards program (called the Mileage Plan). Some benefits from this program include:

  • $25 off flight booked within 28 days of joining
  • Earn miles every time you fly
  • Anyone can join for free
  • A 1:1 ratio of miles flown to miles gained (ex. If you flew 300 miles, then you would gain 300 miles)

You can learn more about the Mileage Plan and its benefits here

Basic Economy (Southwest Airlines)

Out of the other U.S airlines, Southwest Airlines has the best quality experience in basic economy. Each seat comes with these benefits:

  • Around 32 inches of legroom
  • Passengers get to choose any seat during boarding
  • $8 per device for whole-flight Wi-Fi
  • Not tightly packed

You can learn more about the economy seat experience on the Southwest Airlines website.

Entertainment (Delta Air Lines)

If you are looking for an outstanding entertainment experience in the skies, then Delta is probably the best option for you. With every plane in their fleet (other than the 717) having seatback screens, it makes Delta the airline with the best in-flight entertainment. Here are some of the benefits of these screens:

  • Watch from a vast selection of movies and shows
  • Flight tracking
  • Podcasts
  • Free included earbuds

You can learn more about Delta’s in-flight entertainment here.

Elite Status Program (Hawaiian Airlines)

Hawaiian Airlines has shown the best results for its Elite Status Program, so here are the many benefits of it.

  • Discounted rewards when booked on Hawaiian Airlines’ official website
  • You can earn around 500 miles on flights within the islands
  • Premier Club access
  • Priority baggage handling

You can find out more here


After reading this article, you will most likely know which airline to choose on your next flight in the USA, by finding what you like most about the flying experience and looking at which airline specializes it the best. Hopefully, now you have a clear path to planning flights for different occasions based on your needs. Again, everything in this article was based on extensive research on collected data.


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